ready for the juicier, naughtier, better sex you crave?

Consider this your sign to re-ignite or amp up your sexual flow. Just because your sex life or libido might seem normal at a low-vibe level doesn't mean it has to stay that way. Doing little things every day to stir that power inside you can feed your creative, sensual and sexual fire in and out of the bedroom. We've gathered a fvck-ton of yummy ways to add more juice to your day to ultimately get you back into that orgasmic aliveness that's your superpower. Just a little every day can lead to better sex tonight.


spice up your sex life

add a daily sex practice, solo or partnered.  channel that daily sexual energy practice into your power, creativity + aliveness. 

 get to know your pussy, what she likes, where her sweet spots are + how to fuck her right. pro tip: start with your fingers and don't forget all parts of your vulva... clitoris, internal vagina, labia plus perineum, ass, thighs. the more you know... 

remove the blocks that keep your pussy (and your sexual fire) numb. are you pissed off at or holding resentment toward a lover? do you communicate your needs? are you holding back from desires or curiosities out of fear? are you stressed AF at work? see what you can delegate, deal with or talk to someone about.

remove the blocks that keep your pussy (and your sexual fire) numb. are you pissed off at or holding resentment toward a lover? do you communicate your needs? are you holding back from desires or curiosities out of fear? are you stressed AF at work? online workshops, sex ed, sex coaches or therapists are an amazing place to start.

worship your partner's cock or pussy as a long, savored, yummy part of sex — and let your own pussy be worshiped as well. 

nab that sex party invite and put some adventure on your calendar. remember: you don't have to have sex to have fun.

make sex fun. laugh, play, lose yourself. not sure where to start? try a sex game, ask naughty questions, buy a new sex toy.

benefits of self-massage

explore self-massage even if it's just a few minutes in the shower a.m. or p.m. to show your body that love and lust and keep your sexual flow in flow — focus on breasts, vulva, thighs, all those juicy spots that need TLC.

create, reset or re-affirm your boundaries... no matter how long you've been with a partner or how long your relationship has been a certain way. if it needs to shift, now's the time.

add energy play into sex to better connect with yourself, your partner, your orgasms and your aliveness in and out of bed.

travel with your toys — pack your discreet vibes for on-demand pleasure and orgasms, and suddenly cross-town traffic doesn't seem so bad.

speaking of orgasms, we're wired for a lot of them — g-spot, clitoral, anal, cervical, nipples... — and just because you haven't had all of them yet doesn't mean your body isn't capable. if you're up for it, go deeper.

better sex

stop shit-talking yourself — if that negative voice is still in your head (especially related to sex), stop and shift to in the moment until the positive is your new inner dialogue. 

make missionary sex sexy again. when was the last time you spiced up your go-to move? sure, missionary sex is a classic, but it's due for an update.

add in edging, that tease where you take yourself or a partner close to orgasm then deny climax in order to heighten orgasms and keep your sexual fire simmering on high.

 try tantric breathwork during solo or partnered sex — we love sex educator suzannah weissexercises

squirt, baby. (and while you're at it, nab a squirt blanket so you're confident completely letting go.) 

move. your hips, your ass, your shoulders, your neck to ignite your fire, move stagnant energy and get into your sexual flow. not sure where to start, hit a sexy playlist or sign up for an erotic movement class.

practice Naked Yoga Therapy to help heal your body, dig into the raw realness that's you, and reveal your power and aliveness in a whole new way. 

turn up the vocals in bed — sex experts agree that sex sounds (moans or dirty talk) can amp up your experience and orgasms, not to mention help guide and turn on partners. if you're shy, practice solo or start with what feels authentic to you, like simply sharing what feels good. 

stock (or re-stock) your sex room with your dream toys. g-spot hunters, clit suckers, vibrators, lubes, butt plugs... all the things. 

hit that sex shop — whether you go alone, with a friend or with a lover, it's guaranteed to spice things up. pro tip: ask the people working for their recos. they're experts and they love to talk shop.

write (or re-write) your sex bucket list, adding new inspiration and crossing off what you've already nailed. 

share what you like (or don't) with a lover, even if (or especially if) it's different than what you've liked before. bodies, likes, dislikes, moods change and that keeps things exciting. 

book a fuck-cation at a hotel near you. seedy, luxe, 2 hours over lunch, whatever's on your fantasy list. 

try The Come Diet, sex educator Kim Anami's secret to staying svelte and super-connected to her partner by ingesting his (nutrient-filled) ejaculate, which studies have shown is an anti-depressant. worth a shot?

make the first move. (whatever that move is for you.)

share your juiciest, naughtiest, kinkiest fantasies and desires with a lover. let yourself think outside the handcuffs, blindfolds and temperature play. what's in you that wants to come out?

fuck to move energy out of you... anger, sadness, joy, whatever is stirring in you that needs to be released. scream, cry, laugh, fuck like wild animals and feel the bliss that comes from the aftercare.

what's on your sexual to-do list for better sex? share in the comments👇💋

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