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about us

made in NYC for the experience hunter + designed to ignite what stirs in you

ft. peace silks from india, stunning leaver’s lace, european high-performance, stretch tulle, japanese soft-stretch elastics, custom metal + 14k-gold trims

luxuriously created to be endlessly worn. our lingerie is designed to be changeable, layerable, exposable, strip off-able.

fvckable lingerie that’s all about you, not them

we are the sensual, sexual and creative flow embodied

we live on the other side of the edge + on top of trends

we're playfully curious, creatively rebellious, unapologetically sexy

we have many moods, many moments, many mindsets

we express our soul +  inspire others to shine theirs

our pieces are luxuriously and consciously designed to:

get your mind reeling
get your body moving.
get your fingers exploring your body.

be changeable, layerable, exposable, strip off-able.

put you in the mood + morph to all your moods

get on slow, get off even slower.

get you (+ therefore them) rewarded by the second.

get you in that powerful state of flow that’s all you, for you.

+ when you’re ready, you might invite them in

ignite what stirs in you

our multiway designs let you mix-match-and-detach each piece based on your everchanging moods, moments and mindsets to help stoke the fire within you and slip into that state of sexual, spiritual and creative flow that truly expresses your soul.

we believe that state of flow is your superpower. in it, you’re your deepest, truest, most authentic self and highest truth, the queen, the goddess, the warrior, the wild thing — the lunatic femme — you don’t always show the world. she’s feisty and peaceful, volatile and calm, fearless and shy, romantic and naughty, playful and serious. she’s unapologetic about who she is and unstoppable in what she’s up to.

sure, they might think it’s just lingerie, but if you’re going to harness your superpower, we say trade that cape for a lusty, luscious, fvck-off piece of lace-and-silk armor that fuels your inner lunatic femme and sets her free out into the wild, however you create that wild for you.