trust us, a weekend sex marathon is better than whatever you've got scheduled

What's better than a little weekend sex? A veritable weekend sex fest. No, we're not talking about 48 straight hours of penetration... rather, we're going for that slow seduction, that foreplay that lasts insanely long, that sex sesh you stretch for hours and all that yummy, flirty, push-and-pull stuff in between. So while you're not actually fucking the entire weekend, you're in a playful, lusty, come-fuck-me state of mind. Sign us up... Check out some of the ways to make you, your lover, your sex last longer. 


sex marathon


Create a fuck menu.

Start your pre-gaming by creating a menu together of ways you'd like to play, toys you'd like to add, perhaps a new position... to get your head in the game and the ideas reeling.

Map each other's bodies.

Show your lover where you like to be touched and how, then switch and let them share. You can do this straight out of the gate, during foreplay, and whenever you want to reset or go back to erogenous zones or types of touch you loved earlier.

Toss in a little massage.

Add this into pre-game, make it part of edging, or work it in between sex seshes to wind down or wind back up. Focus on areas they love (booties, inner thighs, the feet, the scalp) and if they're game, see if you can find other feel-good places. Vary your pressure, your tempo, your touch (feathers, fingers, massagers) to keep things interesting.

Do nothing you've done before.

If you've got go-to sex positions, how can you make them deeper, richer, more delicious? How can you use your sex toys in new way? Can you change locations? Switch up how you wear lingerie? Even just knowing you're going to change everything can keep you excited all weekend.

Wear a blindfold.

AKA missionary sex, but make it blindfolded. What's old becomes what's new again when you turn your power of sight over to your lover. Or, vice versa.

sex fantasies


Craft a fantasy together.

You know those choose-your-own-adventure books? Try it with your fantasies. You start the story, your lover adds to it, you add to that and keep layering the yumminess together. Act it out or chat it out throughout the weekend.

Play a game.

There's always the classics — basically the strip version of any board or card game or truth or dare— or few sexy rounds of Never Have I Ever to mix up the fun. Or, make your game part of foreplay with rules you set together... like you spend a set amount of time taking each other close to orgasming, aka edging, to test-drive new toys, techniques and erogenous zones.

Make a late-night toy run.

We love a lusty, midnight road trip to the local sex shop to grab what you wish you had earlier in the day or what you can't wait to try when you get home or wake up or both. Sure you can do an amazon same-day delivery on a new vibrator, but discovering new toys, accessories, sex lubes and lingerie together IRL ups the passion, play and anticipation.

Feed each other.

Replace all those calories you're burning with bite-size foods that easily pass from your fingers to their lips. 

Include lingerie changes.

Changing outfits from naked and barely there to kinky, naughty or teasing (and everything in between) lets you play with stripping, taunting them with your lingerie and hiding your fits beneath your clothes if you leave the house.

anal play


Add in butt stuff. 

If you're down for anal play, it's a good way to switch things up, take your focus off of "front stuff" and delay vaginal or clitoral orgasms. If you're new to booty action, make sure you're prepped before play and don't go, in the words of b-vibe creator Alicia Sinclair, "from zero to penis."  

Unpack your sex bar together.  

Go through your toys together so you and your partner can each pick what you'd like to use or try. It's a sexy way to spark discussion, dirty talk, fantasies and desire. You might change them throughout the weekend, adding in toys and taking some out depending on where play takes you. P.S. This is your sign to charge those babies. 

Do some show and tell.  

Masturbating with your partner is not just hot AF, it also sexily gives them insight into how you like to be touched. Not to mention, just watching your partner's face while you immerse in self-pleasure is pure gold. You control the pace, the touch, the toys, the ambiance so can stretchhhh the pleasure as long as you fvcking like. 

how to kiss

Perfect the art of kissing.

Force yourself to slow down by making a "just kissing" rule so you focus on making the kissing as present, lusty, enjoyable and new as you can. Think outside the mouth and kiss their neck, the back of their necks, down their spine, earlobes, collarbone, booty, toes.

Be voyeuristic.

Break for a seriously hot film, ethical porn or some social sex to grab inspiration and arousal.

Make a weed run.

Cannabis and sex are made for each other. Weed can loosen inhibitions, increase blood flow, heighten arousal and more. Shopping together mid-marathon is deliciously sexy or have your weed bar stocked with edibles, joints or whatever gets you both in the mood. Keep it legal, of course ;)

Sex up your ambiance.

As you move through the day, changing the lighting, the decor, the textures, the environment keeps things fresh and sexy. Light or re-light your candles, try some aphrodisiac incense, switch out your sheets, make a fvck bed on the floor.

Host a naked happy hour for two.

Pop a bottle of champagne, try an aphrodisiac cocktail or craft your favorite drinks together. And don't forget to refuel with actual water to stay on your game.

Make more plans.

Is a sex party or fetish event on your bucket list? Do you have some kinky ideas you're down to explore? Take the pressure off the current weekend by booking more sex-centric pleasure. Find local events, book a kinky sex class, plan a future sex date's fuck menu. Putting more sexual adventures on your calendar helps keep that sexual fire stoked, while giving you space and time to grow and discover. 

How do you stretch foreplay and sex into a weekend sex marathon? 👇💋

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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