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Creating a life of pleasure can start with surrounding yourself in an ambiance of pleasure. We love keeping stacks of sexy, sultry coffee table books in sight so you can flip through whenever you want inspiration or a mood shift. Here are 11 of our favorite erotic books, but there are so, so many more. If you’ve got time to kill, find a bookstore (yes, they still exist) and start playing.

 LaChapelle Land by David LaChapelle

best erotic coffee table book

erotica: Artists and Prostitutes by David LaChapelle

best erotica

Sumo by Helmut Newton

best erotica

The New Erotic Photography by Dian Hanson

Sendnudes by Mendo and Iman Whitfield

best erotica

The Big Black Book of Sex Positions by Jennifer Baritchi and Rob Alex

books on pleasure

A Woman’s Right to Pleasure by Amir Marashi, Roxane Gay, Erica Jong

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The Art of the Erotic by Phaidon editors

best erotica

Bruce of Los Angeles by Vince Aletti and Bruce Bellas

best erotic coffee table book

Tom of Finland by Taschen/Dian Hanson

best erotica

The Male Nude by David Leddick 

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main 📸: David LaChapelle's Lost + Found

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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