best aphrodisiac incense to get you in mood

Scents are one of the simplest ways to create ambiance, arouse a mood or seduce yourself or lover. We love aphrodisiac incense sticks for their instant effects and also because it's easy to experiment with notes you love, times of day you light certain sticks, different areas of your house, your own mood from lusty to naughty to shy to aggressive. Try our favorite aphrodisiac scents from luxurious brands we love.


Teeming with notes of uplifting basil, stimulating lemongrass and earthy tomato, these striking fuschia sticks are instant (and luxe) mood makers straight from Italy. Light up this aphrodisiac when you want that high-end designer sexxx. $80 for 25 sticks.

best aphrodisiac incense

L'Objet 69  

L'Objet's sultry blend of cognac, caramel, leather and oakmoss harness the Parisian creative, artistic and sexual revolution happening in 1969... and now in your boudoir. Need more of that '69 in your life? Hook up with this yummy aphrodisiac incense. $70 for 60 reeds.

best aphrodisiac incense
best aphrodisiac incense


Vyrao's Witchy aphrodisiac incense sticks open creativity and courage with a sexy blend of orris absolute, bergamot, patchouli, frankincense, cinnamon, sandalwood, among others. Burn one when you're down to play in luscious new ways. $50 for 30.

Ginori 1735 Black Stone

Ginori 1735's alchemist-inspired Black Stone sticks are spicy, provocative and enrapturing. This particular aphrodisiac incense is said to be inspired by a Black Stone talisman that an astrologer gave to Caterina de' Medici using fragrance notes from that period. We love the story... but more love the way it ignites our inner lust. $135 for 80.

best aphrodisiac incense
best aphrodisiac incense

Mariage Fréres The Interdit

Mariage Fréres' Inderdit tea-scented aphrodisiac sticks are inspired by the careless, joyful indulgence of the Forbidden City. They're mythical, musky, warm and wrap their scent around your body like the most luscious drape of silk. $58 for 50.

Blackbird makes some of the most potent, unique and alive scents we've found. Malus incense brings together that musky, leathery, smoky, back-booth-of-a-jazz club, whisky heat that you want to roll around naked in. If that's your thing, of course. $34 for 20 aphrodisiac-packed cones.

best aphrodisiac incense


One of the best aphrodisiac incense's you can find, supernatural's hand-dipped creator's incense speaks to that inner creator in you with a sultry, passionate, uplifting blend of neroli, bergamot and eucalyptus. Light up, create something new in bed. $35 for 12. 

best aphrodisiac incense

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