clear your schedule for a fuck-ton of self-love

There's self-love and then there's a level of self-love that's juicier, deeper, richer and more intimate. It's truly celebrating, worshiping, lusting after yourself so you slip into that sexy, sensual state where you not just own your power, you can shift and reset after slaying all week. We rounded up our favorite ways to dial up self-love and make just a little sexier. Call it self-lust, call it pre-game, call it fucking off... the idea is to drive more curiosity, self-pleasure and deliciously into your day and life. 


sensual self-love

start with a sexy self-massage

If you've got a favorite oil or lotion, massage it into your skin, head-to-toe, focusing on what feels good and lingering in spots that turn you on. Even better if you do it before you even leave the sheets.


update your fantasies + fulfill at least one ;)

Unless you've got a juicy imagination with fantasies on rotation, even your lustiest dirty thoughts can get boring when they're on repeat. Meditate on some juicy bucket list items, turn on the volume on your fantasy classics or get inspired by what you've read, done or watched lately. 


rethink a sexy date-night in 

How can you turn on the heat on a Saturday night in? Trade those cozy PJs for strappy bodysuit, a black bustier, a silk kimono that barely grazes the bottom of your ass. Open a bottle of wine or champagne you've been saving, order take-out from somewhere you've been craving, serve yourself or a lover by candlelight, eat slow as fuck, try a new strain of weed you've been lusting after. Creating indulgent moments will help you celebrate you in your yummiest, chillest, slowed-down, amped-up state of sensual flow. 


knock out some morning or afternoon phone sex 

It's daylight, you're in the sheets, nowhere to be but fully present... why not bang out a virtual bang with a fvckmate? If video isn't an option, a naughty text sesh can get the juices flowing. Bonus points if you're at home and your lover is in public. 


lap dance a lover or yourself 

Start with music you can feel on a cellular level that gets your hips moving and puts your body in flow. Wrap your body in your sexiest lingerie, adjust the lighting and seduce yourself or someone you lust with slowest, drippiest tease.

self-love, find your g-spot

find your A, C and G spots 

If you're still searching for that elusive G-spot, A-spot and C-spot (aka the clit), it's worth skipping the Saturday-a.m. farmer's market to experiment.  


practice dirty talking yourself 

We can all use a break from our inner, shit-talking critic. It's hard to completely erase negative self-talk but give yourself just the day (for starters) to give yourself the lustiest, sexiest compliments about your mind, your body, your vibe... everything about is worthy of being seen. See it, say it, feel it in your bones.

 explore a new sex shop 

If you've got a local shop to play in, we suggest taking your time and walking the aisles, browsing for what's new or different, finding new bucket list items, and most important, chatting up an associate. They get asked all kinds of questions so make a great resource if you're looking to change up toys or find a new plaything. 


keep a sensual ambiance all day 

Whether it's candlelight, aphrodisiac scents, sensual music, a lit fireplace... surrounding yourself in lust keeps your fire stoked all damn day. 


self-love, sexy date night

uncover your secret turn ons

Time to tap that under-used sex bar to find more spots on your body that drive desire. You can also play with your senses. What stimulates your mind, your heart, your body, your mood? What textures, flavors, scents, sounds or visual arouse you?


update your wins list

Remembering, noting and celebrating your wins from the past week put you a winning, self-love state of mind and reminds you that you did enough and you are enough. Plus it sets up your mindset for killing it next week.


let yourself nap

Lingerie on, lingerie off, however you like to feel your skin against the sheets. Guilt-free powering down can take the edge off all that hustle from the previous week and get you in a more relaxed state, primed for play.



stroll through the flower market

Not to sound like a broken record, but the science on surrounding yourself in flowers is clear: it's healthy, mood-boosting and joy-igniting. Plus, hunting around, creating arranging and smelling different bouquets can trigger those creative juices. 


stroll through a weed store ;) 

Don't like flowers, there's always weed... which can open your heart, mind, creativity, sensuality and more. Prime time tends to be later in the day so if you want to linger, chat up the budtender and find new strains that make you feel amazing, shoot for off hours. Playing is half the fun. 


plant sex seeds 

Sexologist Marla Renee Stewart coined this term to refer to harness the psychological element of sex and foreplay. It means planting seeds (notes, visual cues, teases) for your lover or yourself to get them ignited and excited for what's to come that day. Hide sexy affirmations in your handbag, your clutch, your car, gym bag, on your mirrors that ignite you. And if you're up for partnered play later that day, start seeding them with promises of what's to come later that night.  



Yeah, we know, there's nothing sexy about cleaning and organizing... except of course the happy ending. If you're the type that gets a buzz from organization or you need to de-clutter to clear your mind, we say do it with a glass of champagne, in your sexiest, fuck-off bodysuit in music that primes you for play. That way, when your space is clear, so is your heart, mind, body and mood. 


work out

It boosts all those feel-good hormones and juices and de-stresses you from the week. Whether you're down for an aggressive kick-boxing sesh or a restorative yin yoga class, you'll reset your body and mindset for pleasure. Wear gear that makes you feel powerful and celebrates how hard you're working. 


How do you do you on a sexy self-love Saturday?



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