how to serve those queen confidence vibes aka don't fvck w/ me sweetie

Whether you’re trying to ward off an unwanted advance, send the message you mean business or simply get taken more seriously in whatever realm you’re playing in, try these tricks to feel more confident in your body and set that “don’t fvck with me” tone that gets you what you want (or helps you avoid people or situations you don’t).
Confidence begets more confidence, which ultimately begets a lot of juicy living because you're stronger, more resilient, more fearless, more following your True North. Can we get a fvck yeah?!
how to feel confident in your body
Adjust your posture aka your power pose.
How you sit, stand and hold yourself sends a message so make sure it’s the message you want — I’m strong, I’m confident, I’m capable, I’ve got my $hit together. 
Master your walk.
Moving with purpose and poise shows you feel secure and comfortable in your body… and you’re going places, so interrupt only if it’s necessary.
Revel in the silence.
If someone’s trying to engage you and you’re not into, don’t fill in the silent gaps. Same holds true for meetings, negotiations or discussions where you need the other party to step up their game. 
Have a POV, even if it’s different than theirs.
Know what you want, like, desire, crave, be ready to articulate it and don’t cave if you’re challenge. Conflict, disagreement and differing POVs can expand you so listen, learn, agree to disagree if necessary.
Be direct, honest, authentic.
Your opinion matters, share it. Tackle awkward, uncomfortable issues head on so they don’t linger and the more truthful you are, the better.
how to feel confident in your body
Hold their gaze.
Eye contact is key and instantly sends that  “i’m confident in my body” message. Bonus points if you take this tip from the streets to your sheets.
Forget that nice-girl smile.
We’re not saying don’t be friendly but if you’re looking to be taken seriously, smiling won’t always get you there. It can be mistaken for nervousness, being overly agreeable, weak, etc. 
Be clear about your needs sans justification.
You can tell someone ‘no’ without giving them a massive explanation or reasoning. The more you justify your actions, the more people think it’s a negotiation. 
Lose the self-deprecation.
You may think you’re being humble or breaking the ice, but self-deprecating humor can be seen as weak, especially at work. It’s that “people tell you who they are” mentality.
Own your work, your accomplishments, your success.
It’s not arrogant or bragging to take credit for what you’ve done on the job. Own it. 
Ask questions.
Instead of being worried that you’ll look like you won’t know something, feel confident that in gathering clarity, you're opening up dialogue, IDing opportunities for clearer communication or interrogating ideas to make them better.
how to feel confident in your body
Rock your "I got this" outfit.
Whether it's a fvck off dress, killer shoes, a buster with that luscious fit or insanely sexy lingerie you're secretly wearing, adorn yourself in what makes you feel like a queen.
What other tips, tricks or hacks do you have for feeling that 'don't fvck with me" confidence in your body?

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