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By now most of know we should lower stress, feel confident, think positively, be kind and all those good-for-us ways of being that keep us thriving. Sounds good in theory, but the reality is that feeling power can be a moment-by-moment choice to stay in that confident, powerful, sexy flow state. Even though we believe this state of flow is your superpower, we also know we have to keep it activated because, well, life. Check out these 11 instant power moves that shift you into your juiciest, yummiest, most powerful you. 


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power move: rock that power pose.

ICYMI, channeling your inner Wonder Woman can shift you into that high-vibe, high-power state, according to social psychologist Amy Cuddy in her most-watched TEDTalk. That's because our bodies tell our brains to feel more powerful, dominant and in control. Try it for 2 minutes in front of a mirror to start your day or when you need to shift. 

power move: work those hips

Just ask movement and intimacy coaches... moving your body amps up your energy, loosens your muscles, opens the chakras and shifts you in your sensual, creative and spiritual flow. Try starting your day with some stretches and hip circles, then rinse and repeat throughout the day to keep that power state activated.

power move

power move: sit up, bitch. 

Basically the same principle of your body outsmarting your brain. In three separate studies, researchers from Ohio State, Stanford and San Francisco State University found that sitting up straight (versus slouching) ups confidence, improves performance and shifts you into a power mindset. (Unless you're working a kama sutra pose or a boudoir shoot, then by all means, slouch away.) 

power move: dial up the bass. 

We know that music affects mood, but researchers at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern zero'ed in on the bass and found that heavier bass is more empowering than lighter or low bass songs. Create your power-up playlist to ignite your inner Lunatic Femme whenever you need some instant mojo, pre-meeting, pre-presentation or pre-game.

power move
power move

power move: rethink your fit

This is less about dress for success and more about dressing for your mindset. Another study from Northwestern (these cats are busy) shows that what you wear directly affects how you feel and therefore act, speak, show up in the world. Trick is you have to know what makes you feel powerful and ignited. If you think a traditional "power suit" is bullshit, it's not going to put you in an A-game state of mind, but if leather leggings styled with a jacket and your sexiest fuck-off bra or bodysuit peeking out get you serving sexy queen vibes, that's your version of the power suit.  

power move: line up those orgasms.

Even if you have to schedule self-lust and self-discovery, make it a priority. Studies show orgasms don't just up your feel-good brain chemicals and overall sense of well-being, they can directly affect how alive, confident and magnetic you feel and, again, show up for your life. (Just ask tantric sex coach Leen S. who teaches an entire course on becoming orgasmically alive and transforming your life.)

power move: just breathe. 

It's free, it's constantly available and it simultaneously can calm you down and power you up. Think long, luscious, deep belly breaths that take you out of shallow, anxious, sometimes fight-or-flight states and into that relaxed, safe, grounded space in your body. Just three to five deep breaths can instantly calm you before a stressful sitch.

power move

power move: land your power voice.  

Yup, a power voice is a thing. Researchers discovered "vocal cues" that determine how powerful we think a voice — and therefore a person — is. Turns out, higher, monotone pitches that vary in their levels of loudness are deemed most confident. (Note this might be more boardroom vs bedroom advice, but you can run that test yourself ;)  

power move: reach out to a fellow winner

You know that advice... you are who you surround yourself with. If you've created a posse of powerful femmes, message them when you need a hit of mojo. Sometimes just connecting can shift your mindset. (And, if you don't have your go-to tribe yet, get on it, babe.) 

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power move: note your wins

Winning begets winning, according to multiple success studies. When you clock your wins on the daily, you continue to put yourself in a confident state of mind and remind yourself of what a baddie you are. At least once a day, note one of your successes and bonus points if you share your win with a friend for a compounding effect. Review your list at the start of a new week to up those "I got this" vibes. P.S. Wins are anything you do that makes you feel happy, inspired, proud, etc., it doesn't have to be a monumental event to up your mojo. 

power move: power up your bod. 

Yeah, we know, working out seems to be the answer to everything, but in this case, it's another body-over-mind tactic. When you feel stronger physically, you're telling your brain that you're stronger, too. (And yes, there are the other mood-boosting, brain chemical-rocking bennies, too.) Maybe for you, it's rocking out one perfect push-up that leads to two that leads to... Or, holding your plank a little longer each day… Or, even landing that hanging-from-the-chandelier sex position for an entire sex sesh. Whatever strength looks like to you, add it to your agenda, either when you need instant mojo or quick hit in the a.m. to start your day on fire.

What power moves shift you into a powerful state of being? 

xxx, Lunatic Femme

power move: new lingerie

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