celebrating the little things makes a big difference.

You don't need an olympic-size success to have a moment worth celebrating. We're not talking about things to be grateful for — health, relationships, nature, food — but more like, how did I show up today that's worth saying, "good, fvcking job you." We created a fvckton of wins below that you can apply to whatever makes you thrive... to big life goals, to the smallest, simplest moments in your day or to having a more thriving, orgasmic, luxuriously naughty life. The more you find ways to celebrate you in all your incarnations, the yummier it is to be you. Your opportunities to shine are endless, here are a few to get you started... 




1. You made progress.


2. You were afraid and did it anyway.


3. You found moments to laugh.


4. You had an orgasm.
(no, it's not always the goal, but it's a good fvcking time when you do).

5. You gave yourself a compliment.


6. You gave someone else a compliment.


7. You learned something new.
(a fun fact, a sex technique, a machine at the gym...) 


8. You tried something new. 


9. You worked your body in a way that made you feel alive.


10. You connected with someone. 


11. You re-connected with someone.

celebrating with luxury lingerie


12. You said no to something you didn't want. 

13. You asked for something you did want. 


14. You put on a face mask (think skincare). 


15. You drank all the damn water you're supposed to drink in a day. (also, please share how you did that...)




16. You ate the cake.


17. You bought the sexy AF shoes.


18. You wore those sexy AF shoes on a zoom call. 


19. You told your partner what you want in bed. 


20. You let yourself enjoy receiving.

celebrating with cake



21. You did nothing. On purpose.


22. You did the one thing you've been putting off. 


23. You took a long-ass leisurely lunch, yes, with the cocktail


24. You paid attention to someone else (during dinner, during sex, during a car ride) not your phone.

celebrating on the beach

25. You savored something.


26. You took a chance.


27. You invested in YOU... time, cash, emotions, self-love, self-pleasure.



What win did you have today? Share something worth celebrating, lunatics👇💋

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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celebrating is easy when you have this playbook