stir what's in your soul with luxury lingerie

Hello, lunatics, welcome to our playground! We're Lunatic Femme, a luxury lingerie brand designed to shift you into that sexual, spiritual, creative flow state that we believe is your superpower. Here's what we're about…


sexy lingerie

Each of our luxury lingerie pieces is designed to: 

• get your mind reeling and your body moving • get your fingers exploring your body 

• be changeable, layerable, exposable and strip off-able 

• get on fast, get off slow  

• get you (and therefore them) rewarded by the second 

• get you in a state of flow that's all you, for you

• suit all of your moods, moments and mindsets whether you're feeling flirty, shy, naughty, aggressive, playful... you get the idea.

sexy lingerie

Our luxury lingerie is made from lusciously soft eco-silks, luxurious leavers laces, metals, hooks, fringe, ties and more so you can mix-and-match-and-detach to customize each piece in the moment so it feels like how you like it when you like it.  Next time, when you're in a different mood, change it up again. The more you touch and play and experiment with our lingerie, the more in touch you can get with your body, your emotions, your desires. Like we said, it's all about you. 

sexy luxury lingerie

We make sexy bras, panties, harnesses, bustiers, bodysuits, playthings and other distractions designed to stoke, stir and ignite what's inside of you... your inner lunatic who wants to squeeze the juice out of life in the most luxuriously sexy, naughty, orgasmic and alive ways possible. 

sexy luxury lingerie

And if our lingerie isn't your thing, we'd still love for you to come play with us. Our playbook is filled with ideas, interviews, playlists, tips, tricks, vices, lust, love and more from sex experts, creative geniuses, kick-ass entrepreneurs and other spark igniters, all designed to shift you into your superpower flow state... whatever that looks like for you. 

Hope to see you here (+ in some luxury lingerie) soon. 

xxx, Lunatic Femme