ignite your own fire when you're feeling stuck

If you follow Lunatic Femme, you know we believe that your sexual, sensual and creative fire are essentially the same life force and flow state that's your superpower. When one area feels stuck, all the areas can feel stuck, and when the juices are flowing, let's just say they're all flowing. That's why we're obsessed with all the ways that can shift you back into your power from luxury lingerie and power red lipstick to your fave bong and a new way to bang. 

Our list below includes habits or activities designed to get you unstuck.... some work fast, some are lifestyle habits. Test-drive what resonates with you and drop your own hot tips below.

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It’s all about the math. 

Moments make your life so the more bliss (think sex, play, creativity, love…) you pack in a day, the more blissful your days, your weeks, your life. What’s one drop of bliss you can infuse into your day right now?  

Deep belly breaths

The kind that go alllll the way down to the bottom of your stomach. Exhale out all that stale, dead energy and the stress that sits on top of it. Breathe in new air, new thoughts, new life into your body. (The science? Deep controlled breathing relaxes the brain and body, opening up your flow state.) Pro tip: When you're feeling stuck, check out spiritual medium Jamie Butler's tip for aligning your breath and energy with your lover to deepen your connection. 

Move that body.

A recent study showed that exercise is more effective than antidepressants or therapy in combating the blues… walk, run, twerk, dance, trampoline. No, we're not suggesting you ditch antidepressants or ghost your therapist when you're feeling stuck, but getting those juices flowing for a natural high can shift your mood into that creative zone. (Yes, fucking like a wild animal counts, too.)

 Put pleasure on the calendar.

Does that mean an extra-long shower with your fave vibe in the a.m.? Leaving an "unfinished" to-do list and watching a sunset instead? Is it blocking out your weekend for marathon sex and food delivery? How about a luscious body-movement class you've been aching to take? Whatever the "it" is, ink that bitch on your calendar. 

Tune into what that inner voice (aka the critic) is saying.

A great way to do this is with meditation. You won’t learn to stop your thoughts, but you’ll definitely learn to catch them. When you catch that naysayer, you can kiss it buh-bye. More quickly you can shift out, the faster you're back in your power seat. 

Get real face time with a friend. 

Call, meet up, or at the very least text her how much you love her and appreciate her. You can’t beat the power of authentic human connection to kickstart that flow state.

 Walk in the rain.

We dare you to stay stuck after you splash around in a downpour.

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Do something (nearly anything) new.

Wear out a new sex toy, find a new time to masturbate, try a hot new sex skills class, role play a new scene with your lover, use your lips in a new way, stroke a cock without your mouth or hands… (we can keep going....). Or yeah, you can also drive a new route to work, you do you. 

Pick up a real-life pen and paper and write something.

A note to yourself. A desire list. A dream. A shopping list. A sex bucket list. Dirty talk conversation starters. Just wake up the mind, then answer the question, what do I want to do right now more than anything? Write it all down, take a step toward making it happen. Need inspo? Check out our free, ready-to-send downloadable dirty texts

Create a mood board or a pinterest board.

Put on it all the things that light you up and bring you joy. Design your dream life. See it come alive

Write yourself a thank you note from your future self.

List all the things you’re grateful for, all the steps you’re taking every day to build the life of your dreams. 

Switch up your lunch menu. 

Once a week, let yourself have the most outrageous mid-day feast you can imagine. Bonus points if you add whiskey, weed and/or a lover. Double bonus if you go solo and sit at the bar.

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Repeat for dinner.

There's nothing like opening up your palate to open creative and sexual fire when you're feeling stuck. Once a week, make the hottest, most mind-blowing dinner date with yourself. Nothing is off the menu. (Partners and kids optional.) 

Be that bitch.

Even if you work remotely, dress for your dream gig because sometimes just the ritual of dressing like the head bitch, the boss, the queen, the [insert role here] helps you channel those vibes. Same reco goes for the bedroom, dress like the boss, the queen, the [insert role here] you wanna channel.  

Change your work zone.

Whether you WFH or in the office, switch up the decor, mood and layout. Move things around. Change the direction of your desk. Swap out your chair. Change your picture. Change your view. Change your outlook. Change your output.

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Host a swap with friends.

Jewelry, lingerie, shoes, sunnies, fragrance... It's a sexy way to update your style with out killing your bank account balance.

Hit the dog park or rescue.

Committing to another creature forces you out of the house, into fresh air and interacting with others. Walk dogs at a shelter or just swing by the dog park at peak play time to get your fill of happy puppy vibes. 

Borrow a friend’s kid for a play date.

(Or take your own.) Nothing gets you into your state of flow and limitless imagination than the endless mind of a child. Play, be curious, laugh, explore and get inspired by the spontaneity of it all. Tap that unbridled free-spirit energy the rest of the day. 

Clear the room.

An organized space means an organized (read: inspired) mind. We're not talking full house renovation, clearing a few piles can do wonders for the energy of a space. Make a game of it... each time you declutter a space, that's your new [fuck, create, meditate] spot. 

What are your best hacks for freeing yourself when you're feeling stuck?

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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