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What's self-love got to do with it? Every damn thing. When you shower yourself in compliments, gratitude, hype and love, you not only learn to better cherish yourself, but you also have the space to cherish the ones you love as well.  Obviously, self-love isn't always as easy as it sounds (we can list a million reasons why but this is a 'lift us up' post not a 'bring us down' reality check). When you need a reminder of your greatness, skim this baby and find all new reasons why you're the best fvcking thing in your life, simply because you're uniquely, brilliantly, beautifully, unstoppably you. A juicy, yummy, you-inspired life is on the other side. xxx

Create a pleasure calendar

What fills you up? Brings you bliss? Makes you laugh, smile, giggle. Block off time to make your own happiness your #1 priority every damn day.

Post your self-love mantra in the mirror

using your favorite bold black eyeliner — I am worth it, I deserve it, I am in love with who I am.

Do something different, weird, wild

to stretch your skills, your interests, your headspace. Stay curious and interesting to you for you.

Feed your curiosity about who you are

the more you peel the onion on yourself, the more connected you become.

Start a gratitude a chain with a bestie

and when you need a boost, share with each other the things you’re most grateful about.

Make a list of your pros and cons

then burn the 'cons' list (this isn't therapy). Keep your self-love tally handy so when you're feeling less than 100%, you can remind yourself who the fvck you are.

Surprise yourself

with a bouquet of your favorite flowers, a beautiful bottle of scotch, those bomb-ass heels that make you 7 feet tall. Script your own romance story and DIY, sister.

Create your own wish list

Think, registry for your lifelong commitment to loving you. Share it with friends, family, maybe even with clients… as well as keeping it as your own personal check list.

Cultivate peace and joy every damn day

What if you rethink productivity as how much can I accomplish that fires all my bliss cells so I’m literally juicy and happy down to my DNA. That’s much more exciting than checking off a box on the To Do list.

Take yourself out

to the movies, to dinner… stay off the phone and engage with the world around them and let them be a reflection of your magic.

Reward every last achievement

At the end of your day, think of at least one thing you’ve accomplished (no matter how small or seemingly non-VIP) and congratulate the fvck out of yourself for being such a badass. In time, you’ll see how every single minute is an opportunity for YOU to make things happen. Big, small, doesn’t matter.

Identify what’s toxic in your world

relationships, jobs, situations and work to either remedy them or remove them from your life. If you’re in a relationship (with work, a partner, a friend, a family member) that makes you miserable, unhappy, unfulfilled, gives you that soul-sucky feeling… leave. You’re better than that. You’re worth more than that. And life has other, juicier plans for you.

Order something you’ve been wanting or saving for

and have it gift-wrapped with a love note to yourself. You're worth the indulgence.

How do you manifest self-love? What do you do that makes you fall in love with yourself more and more each day? 👇💋

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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