treat them to freebies from your holiday gift guide of sex tricks

At a loss for what to get your lover this holiday? How about something they'll adore, they can't return and that will gift you both. And if we're all being honest, aren't  sex gifts at the top our wishlists anyway? Most of the treats we're curated from our free holiday gift guide are things you can easily make or source at home or cost next to nothing, except maybe your time, effort and passion. It's giving Yummiest Holidays Yet! Happy gifting.


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adorn, worship + celebrate them

While there really isn't a season for cock and pussy worship, the holidays are a perfect excuse to shower them insanely long, delicious, verbal and physical spoiling. Use jewelry, fabrics, lubes, hands, lips, foods…. all the gifts and cherishing you can give.


build intimacy through energy

Go even deeper with your sexual connection by teaching your lover any of the deliciously free, luxuriously intimate foreplay techniques from  spiritual medium Jamie Butler. They'll take you both to new places and set you up for yummier, more surrendered sex. 


create gratitude cards.

List all the things you're grateful for that your partner has done or continues to do for you throughout the year. If you want to make it naughty, just shift your focus to things you're grateful for that your partner does for you in bed ;)


 create a 12 days of Xmas theme

What can you give your partner for 12 straight days of pleasure? How about mini erotic massage sessions focused on different body parts? What about rolling the sex dice once a day? Morning showers together…. mid-day quickies… Pro tip: keeping the same category of play lets you get more creative.  


bake them (food)

Holiday cookies are meh, but sexy cookies spiked with weed inspired a happier, sexier happy hour. 


how to masturbate

put on a talent show.

Your skill: masturbation. Inspire their voyeuristic side by letting them watch you touch yourself in new ways. Gift them the opportunity to give you “commands” and when you're finished, turn the hand, toy and mouth skills on them 


dress the part of sexy gift

Is there lingerie they love to see you wear? Sexy heels? Crotchless panties?  Hang them where they're visible by day, slip into them at night, slip out of them when they've proven to be nice (or naughty) enough.


create a mood board, pinterest board or vision board.

Include all the kinkiest, naughtiest imagery you'd like to use as inspiration for your gift. Let them choose what they'd like to receive. Or use those visual cues to create an erotica story or fantasy you'd like to act out.

pull an activity off their sex bucket list.

Don't an item left hanging on their 2023 sex bucket list especially if you're in need of gift inspiration. Is there a fetish they'd like to explore? A sexy little kink that's untapped? These are all places to start mining for that perfect sexy gift. 


make a fresh list of Never Have I Ever Questions.

A new list of Qs inspires new places and ways to play. Or if you just want to get straight to the point, we've got a list of 69 questions to better get to know what you both like in bed.Print it, put a bow on it, get down to business.

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naked dinner.

Open up your palate and creativity by dining naked by candlelight. We love starting prep work naked as well but if you're worried that you won't actually make it to the feast, just have a finger foods ready before you strip.


make them your sex slave (or vice versa).

If this their kink, dedicate the day to making them do what you want (or conversely, you play the role of submissive). 


turn your home into a hotel.

Gift them a sexy weekend of “hotel sex” without leaving the house. Part of the fun of sex between hotel sheets is the novelty so do what you can turn your space into something that looks, feels and fucks a little differently. Think mood changers like lighting, scents, foods, textures and more.


make a tool kit of homemade sex toys

Wooden spoons, spatulas, feathers, what can you turn into a mini play box of exploration and discovery?


download free sex trips + tricks.

So many sex experts  and sex toy retailers offer free workshops or sex classes, download better-sex tips and more. Create your own book of To Do's so you hit the New Year in bed.


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What's on your sexiest holiday gift guide that costs next to nothing?

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