ready to blindfold them + play?

Okay, so we’re assuming you’ve got consent, you’ll get on-going consent as you play, you’ve created a safe, loving, respectful space and you’ve got agreed-upon boundaries, safe words and lines of communication, so that when they're blindfolded, the surprises are all yummy ones.

 All that said, blindfold your favorite love bug and LFG. We’ve listed a glorious fuck-ton of covert inspiration for after you’ve deliciously blindfolded your partner. The idea is to surprise, delight, titillate and excite. Skip the naughty ideas that fall out of bounds for you both, amp up (or down) the ones that need more (or less) oomph and tweak those that need your personal touch. As always, comment below with kinky blindfold inspo of your own.  xxx

grab your blindfold, a lover, this playbook

Step 1: Blindfold them. Steps 2 and beyond: 

1. give them an erotic massage.

Fingers, hands, elbows, feet, breasts, they’re all your tools for giving your blindfolded partner sensual touch. Explore erogenous zones, play around their genitals, build up anticipation, vary speed, pressure, tools and more to keep them ignited. Bonus points if you add aromatherapy and sensual massage oils to the mix. 

2. feed them treats. 

With their sight compromised, now you get to toy with their taste buds. Treat them to something savory, sweet, drippy, juicy. Use your fingers or your mouth to share and be sure to tempt their lips, their tongue as you go.

3. let them undress you (without their eyes). 

Put on your sexiest, silkiest lingerie they’ve never seen before and let their fingers (and mouths) do the stripping. Invite them to linger over textures they love and describe what they imagine you wearing… or you tell them about the sexy lace, hard metal, soft silk and guide their fingers during your description. 

4. dance with them. 

Find a playlist that moves your body and let it guide the two of you in moving together. Sensually, naughtily, romantically, happily. Your music, your mood, your connected movement. 

5. play with temperatures. 

From ice cubes in your mouth to heated towels, crystal or glass dildos, stainless steel toys, warm massage candle wax, tantalize their entire body with hot and cold touch. (Test temps on yourself first for safety.) 

6. read them erotica. 

Discover stories online, read aloud from a book or free flow from your lusciously endless imagination. Be descriptive, linger over the sexiest of scenes, describe in delicious detail and incorporate what you read into reality for your partner. 

7. dial up the deprivation. 

They can’t see, so what if you also gave them earplugs to pair with the blindfold? Muffled sound can heighten their other senses like smell and touch and keep them in that sexy state of anticipation.  

8. rev them up with erotic ear candy. 

Think ASMR like sensual breathing, juicy kissing, orgasmic pleasure, that low moan when you land on just the right spot. Hit up YouTube for ideas + videos. 

9. add a soundtrack. 

Do they have a genre that ignites their body? Do they prefer a male voice or female? Hard lyrics or soft? A slow build or dangerous, driving beats? Meditative sensual rhythms or heavy metal? Acoustic guitar that strums their skin or a throaty voice that sinks into their soul? Tease them with what you know works or play with new music that drives them wild. Use the blindfold to your advantage by describing how you're moving to the rhythm. 

10. worship their cock or pussy

Part of the joy of worshiping your partner’s cock or pussy is the tempting, teasing, celebratory eye contact. Remove that with a blindfold and see how excited they get just from your words, your strokes, your mouth. 

11. add some dirty talk

Sure you can whisper sweet nothings in their ear, a little bit of romance or even your naughtiest fantasies and thoughts. Bonus… if you’re on the shy side, removing their ability to see you might up your mojo and help you say what's really running through your mind.

 12. incorporate aphrodisiac scents. 

Essential oil-based massage oils, aphrodisiac incenses, body scents placed everywhere you want kissed. Surprise them with new scents and alternate between spicy, floral, woodsy to slowly build arousal.  

13. kiss them all over. 

Vary your style, your pressure, your lips versus tongue, your location. Surprise them with where and how you play with their skin and body. 

14. trade kisses for tickling. 

Instead of kisses, tickle their skin and erogenous zones with your breath, your fingers, a feather, some silk. Be slow and gentle (this isn’t “tickle torture” unless they specifically put that on the menu.) 

15. share a fantasy. 

Is there a new position or location or toy you’ve added to your sex bucket list? Go into explicit detail and let their imagination go off.

 16. bathe them

Bath time just got more interesting. Surprise your blindfolded fuck buddy with bubbles (or not), sexy oils (or not), waterproof toys (or not), textured sponges (or not), a yummy playlist (or not). Make it unlike any other bath they’ve taken and as long, lingering and sudsy as you can make it. 

17. just add restraints. 

Sure they’re already blindfolded, but why not up the ante with handcuff, silk ties or bondage tape to increase their anticipation (and vulnerability) while creating a yummy canvas for you both to play.  

18. give them a role-play scenario

Bonus points if you can incorporate other games like temperature, texture play or food play. 

blindfold your lover

19. find the [insert food here].

Place something on your body (think chocolate sauce, a brandied cherry, a ripe piece of mango flesh) and let your partner find it without using their hands. 

20. edge them toward orgasm.

Edging, that slow build and backing off of orgasm, is a sexy kink on its own, but when blindfolded? You just add a whole new level of anticipation. 

21. tease them with texture. 

Have a toolbox of toys and playthings that you can drag over their skin and erogenous zones to see if they can guess what’s stroking them. Your fingernails? A feather? Some silk or rope? A frozen strawberry? A brush? Your hair…  

22. paint their body. 

Use body-safe paint, CBD chocolate sauce, your favorite whipped cream…. Write messages and see what they can decipher.

23. make them your pet. 

Stroke them, pet them, make them beg for what they want. Kink gets kinkier when you double down with a blindfold.

 24. gift them a new toy. 

Test-drive something from their wishlist. That new vibe, the strap-on they've been eyeing, a new lube. Bonus points if they can guess their surprise with their eyes hidden.

25. bring a friend. 

If threesomes are your thing, think of all the trouble that four hands (instead of two) can get into... then do that. ;) 

26. werk that booty. 

Butt stuff lands directly in that consent territory (no one likes a sneak attack). But if backdoor play is in their repertoire and yours, grab the lube and get creative. Start with a massage, play with perineum, stroke the anus with different textures and pressures. Ask for consent to insert lubed-up fingers or anal toys or if you're both advanced, fists or toes or feet. 

27. make an impact. 

A well-placed spank or thud can ignite all those juicy nerve endings in the booty. If you've got a routine, switch up your tools to keep them guessing. 

Bonus.... switch places + you wear the blindfold instead.

How are you teasing your blindfolded partner? Share your sexy tricks👇💋

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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