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Only thing that'll make this edible body paint sexier is if it's spiked with whiskey + weed (um, wait, it is). Brainchild of Fruit + Flower Food's Christina W. and Chef Meri B, this limited-edition, cannabutter-infused Sexy Sauce lives up to its lusty DNA. Available in two fuck-worthy flavors, Bourbon Hot Fudge and Whiskey Caramel, this foreplay-in-a-box is designed to be drizzled, dripped and smeared over you + your lover. Like Valentine's Day, it's going to come and go fast, so get it while you're hot.


A Sexy Sauce Kit ($130) includes:  

• two 8 fl. oz. jars of infused edible "body paint" — Bourbon Hot Fudge and Whiskey Caramel — infused with cannabutter and made with sugar, cream, cocoa powder, bourbon, whiskey, salt and Tahitian vanilla bean. 
• one 15 ml bottle of AROUSE CBD massage oil by Hedone Apothecary. 
• dosing and recommendations for how to enjoy responsibly.

Order online for Valentine's Day: 

• fill out this form for shipping or pickup in Los Angeles through February 2022. 


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We chatted with Sexy Sauce co-creator, Christina Wong, for even more naughty deets and chef recos below...



You’re making edible body paint... tell us the juicy story that inspired this.


Christina Wong: 

Chef Meri B. and I were catnipped dreaming up ideas for our new creative venture and products to create. We decided on jars of whiskey caramel and bourbon hot fudge; we realized that Valentine's Day is coming up so BOOM... edible body paint and Sexy Sauce was born. Or maybe we're just a couple dirty birdies.


christina wong, fruit and flow, sexy valentines day gifts
Christina Wong: culinary catnipper + edible body paint co-creator

I fvcking love Sexy Sauce so much because it's more than just a jar of fudge and caramel. It's an invitation to boundless imagination, be playful, and get your hands dirty — in and outside of the kitchen. The *catnip* adds an extra element to the mix with pure unadulterated, juicy, lusty fun. I have the best sex while high because it relaxes me, helps me let go of my inhibitions and inspires creativity. 

Since sugar should not be used inside genitals because the sugar can cause bacterial yeast and discomfort, we included a bottle of AROUSE CBD massage oil + lube from Hedone Apothecary, a line of infused oils inspired by Hedone the goddess of pleasure, enjoyment and delight. My friend makes these small-batch, artisan body oils using clean, premium ingredients that are also safe to ingest. The CBD oil will not make you feel high, it can help with relaxation and pain relief. 

Why not try something different, let loose, be playful and explore with a lover? Go get it, girl!

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Without divulging your secret recipe, what’s in it (ie how much catnip did you spike with it? :)


Christina Wong

Just like our cannabutter, it's made with simple, good stuff — flower, butter, sugar, cream, salt, cocoa powder, vanilla bean, whiskey and bourbon. That's it!

The *catnip* dose is designed to be relatively low, as it's hard to lick more than a couple teaspoons in one sitting. For low dose, it's recommended to start at 5mg THC or less. Enjoy responsibly!

Bourbon Hot Fudge is 5mg THC per 1 tablespoon

Whiskey Caramel is 15mg THC per 1 tablespoon

AROUSE massage oil is 120 CBD per 15ml bottle

If we were making this at home, any hacks or tips we should know?

Christina Wong

Fudge is easier to make than caramel. Do the cannamath to measure the amount of cannabutter in your recipe so you don't get fucked up. One small batch of fudge or caramel should have ~100mg THC to yield ~5mg per 1 tablespoon.

If cannamath sounds too intimidating, order Sexy Sauce online.

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Any play responsibly tips and recommendations we should know?


Christina Wong

Use your best judgment here. Don't mix non-food safe lube with edible sauces. DO NOT use the fudge or caramel as lube inside genitals. If you're warming the sauce to make it easier to paint, heat only at 10 second intervals and check temperature on a small patch on skin before using to prevent burns. Being painted with hot fudge might seem appealing until there's red burn marks, I say this from experience. Please be mindful and ask your partner for consent. Most important, know your dose, wait 2 hours for effects before consuming more.

We’re hedonists at heart so it’s very likely we’ll want to use the entire jar at once… how and where can we use your body paint appropriately?


Christina Wong

Finger-painting is a fun way to paint with Sexy Sauce. The small wooden spoons included in the kit are great to use like a spatula or palette painting. Warm the sauce slightly, 10 seconds in the microwave, to get a runnier consistency and paint beautiful textures using a food-grade pastry brush. I especially love the gorgeous Bauhaus style lines from a silicon brush.

Paint down from the side of the neck along the clavicle, and down the shoulder. Shoulder spilling over into the back is sexy as fuck. The entire back is a beautiful blank canvas. Along the side over your side boob, down your hips to your thighs and leg. Along the back of the thigh and over the luscious curve of your booty. Anywhere on the exterior of your skin is safe and sexy.

I've had a lot of fucking fun testing our edible body paint. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it. So I can say with confidence that 1 tablespoon of fudge, and 1 teaspoon of caramel is plenty for licking. A little goes a long way and you'll be a hot, fun, sticky mess!

Enjoy according to your dose. Measure out the appropriate dose using a teaspoon or tablespoon into a small bowl so you know exactly how much THC you're potentially eating.

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Besides bodies, what else does this body paint pair well with?


Christina Wong

Ice cream, naturally! The fudge and caramel are also GREAT dipped and poured over fruit and desserts. Recipe for my"More Please" Ice Cream Sundae is included in the Sexy Sauce Kit. It's a double scoop of vanilla ice cream and butter pecan, with a drizzle of fudge and caramel, crushed savory rosemary nut mix, and pinch of flaky sea salt. The combination of salty + sweet, hot + cold, smooth + creamy, crunchy + nutty, plus the earthiness from the *catnip* is O-inducing. FUCK I love food! 


Which of your playlists should we be playing while painting bodies with this?


Christina Wong

If I had to choose one of your Lunatic Femme playlists, I'd pick my favorite: Sunshine Sex: happy AF while we're fvcking.

My own playlist, because Sexy Sauce is all about feeling yourself and self-empowerment, my Fierce Females playlist lifts me up every time. It's 12 hours of fierce female artists who slay across all decades and genres. 


Most important, do you need product testers?


Christina Wong

Hah, ALWAYS! Follow @fruitandflower on IG for a good time.

Whatcha gonna do with your Sexy Sauce? How is it inspiring your Valentine's Day menu? Share the steamy deets in the comments below.


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