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Talking dirty can be a whole sex genre in itself. You've got sensual dirty talk, naughty dirty talk, the kinky, the questions, the compliments, the sex games, the playlists… and a whole world of ways to communicate using your voice in your unique way. Using your words, your style of explicitness, your level of comfort, your current mood. Some days you feel more shy, others more direct or assertive, other more commanding, others more submissive. The beauty is that the more you communicate in a way that works for you, the more open, connected and deliciously intimate your talk-dirty skills can become. We've created a a shopping list of playthings, a playlist to inspire your mood and some ready-to-send downloadable dirty texts when you're at a loss for words. 

your talk-dirty-to-me shopping list

how to talk dirty

1. Chandelier Waist Harness by Lunatic Femme

2. Choker by Vanessa Mooney

3. Ohm High Leg Thong by Lunatic Femme

try these juicy lyrics for talk-dirty inspo + body igniting

Our Talk Dirty to Me playlist is curated to inspire all sides of you, stir what's inside, ignite what wants to come out to play… the naughty, the nasty, the tease, the aggression, the hunt, the joy in being (consensually) hunted. Think slow, syncopated rhythms with so much strut + swagger you have to move your body. Think beats feel warm against your skin with a seductive tempo that invites you to play: sexy soul, dirty rap, sexual electro, burlesque rock. P.S. Follow Lunatic Femme on Spotify for a complete list of playlists to ignite all your moods.

your talk-dirty-to-me to-do list

1. restrain them

Use the 2 detachable shibari-style ropes from your large play sack to restrain your lover’s hands and/or feet while you’re whispering dirty talk into their ear.

2. hide their view

Blindfold your lover to heighten their other senses while you use your juiciest, most explicit words to describe your intentions.

3. put your accessories to work

Let your accessories do the talking, too. The ring on this silver choker necklace is a perfect way to activate your throat chakra, and draw their eyes to your sexy-talking mouth. Not a fan of cold metal? Try our Scorpion ring collar necklace instead, the silkiest thing you put against your neck other than your lover's lips.

4. tease

Use the detachable silk tie of our Ohm High Leg Thong to tickle, tease and stroke their skin while asking what they like, how they like, what else they would love?

5. use those heels

A pair of kitten heels clacking in the background while they’re blindfolded and restrained will be music to their ears. What other sounds will drive them wild with curiosity? Find out…

6. leverage their fetishes

Does your lover have a foot fetish? Describe how your feet look and feel in the kitten heels. Use them as a prop and starting point for dirty talk. Slip their feet into the heels if that’s their thing — or might be...

7. try ready-to-send sexts

Download 21 ready-to-send dirty texts for free for those moments when you're juggling sexts with 1,000 other things.

8. adore, celebrate, worship

Test drive some cock and/or pussy worship. Celebrate all the deliciousness of whatever they’re working with, how it looks, how it smells, how it tastes.

9. give them a show

Does your lover like to watch? How about dialing up your masturbation play? Let them enjoy your self-pussy worship. Talk dirty to yourself, touch yourself, let them revel in how you seduce them by seducing yourself first.

10. go international

Try on an accent. French maid? German Dom? Brazilian masseuse? Tease your lover with a new flavor and maybe open up some new doorways for you to explore on other dates.

11. use your lingerie for inspo

Describe in minute detail how you’re going to remove the hand-wrapped, silk-covered-elastic straps of our Chandelier Waist Harness and tie his cock (or tease her pussy). Ask if they want to feel the straps first, pull on them, tug on them, before you remove them. Anticipation is everything.

12. let lube help you find your words

Use lube as your guiding point. How slippery does it feel on their cock or pussy? Does this grip or this touch feel good? Do they need more? Less? How does it taste? Whispered questions and guidance can ease you into sexy dirty talk.

13. work your body into the mix

Let your body — and your lingerie — do the talking. Let the snap-back of elastics titillate them (when they’re silk-covered, it doesn’t hurt… unless you want it to). Smack that gorgeous booty of yours like a mating call. You get the idea…

14. share a new fantasy

Got a sizzling scenario you haven’t shared with your lover yet? Purr your way through the juicy details and let them be mind blown.

15. role play a new way

Find four different ways to ask for what you want and discover what way they like it best. Submissive? Aggressive? Domineering?

16. reverse it

Discover how you like your lover to ask (or command) what they want. Maybe you'll surprise yourself in what you like from moment to moment, sex sesh to sex sesh.

17. turn erotica into dirty talk

Read aloud your favorite romantic poem as slowly as you possibly can, drawing out each syllable… while wearing your hottest, sexiest lingerie.

18. let erotica be your road map

Let the most heated parts of the erotic be your to-do list. If you're feeling shy, letting yourself imagine that someone else is doing the dirty talking (and dirty acting) may help the words flow.

19. take it to the tub

Read a passage from your favorite erotica (while they or you or both of you are soaking in a steaming, oil-filled, scented bubble bath) to ignite even more of your senses.

20. choose your own adventure

Create your own erotica together. Start a sentence and let them finish. Let them start the next sentence and you finish. Continue until you’ve woven together your hottest fantasies into a story you can act on later if you like.

21. use the phone as a phone

Make it a phone date. Pretend you’re a total stranger who got the wrong number and fell into conversation that went steaming hot, fast. Who doesn’t love the thrill of the unknown?

22. start with gratitude

I'm grateful for [insert dirty talk here]. You can ease into it… grateful for you smile, your touch, your sweet ass, your delicious cock… see how fast it can turn? Don't forget those adjectives. If you need inspiration, simply think about your last fuck.

23. try some play-by-play commentary

Edging is a great place to start. “I'm going to take you to the brink of orgasm and back until you lose your mind, baby.”

What are some of your dirty-talk go-to's? What's on your talk-dirty checklist


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