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Who knew your perfect lingerie was written in the stars? Because you’re a Lunatic Femme — a moon lover and shape shifter who’s madly in love with your wild emotions and your creative flow — you know that your sun sign offers a huge clue to your personality, your passion, your erotic persona and even your body’s super part. (Yes, that’s a thing — each sign has a corresponding zodiac body part.) Here, we cherry pick the piece that will plug you into the power of your celestial super self.



What could possibly match your big, bold, fiery energy, Aries? Meet the déjà vu 18 cupless bodysuit. The ultimate shapeshifter, this leaver’s lace and organic peace silk bodysuit can be worn with a lingerie harness (or without), styled over your sexiest tank or bra (or not) or paired with your naughtiest pasties (or not). For those moments when you wonder if maybe you’re a little too big, too bold, pull out this fierce multi-way as a reminder that you weren’t born under the watch of the warrior planet for nothing.


Being an earth sign, you crave comfort, luxury and sensuality, Taurus. Featuring leaver’s lace, organic peace eco-silk and 24k gold-plated hardware, the déjà vu 11 cupped bodysuit with harness checks all the boxes. And, it saucily plays up your body’s super parts — that elegant swan’s neck and those strong shoulders. Talk about hitting the bull’s eye.  

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As an air sign, you have brain power to burn, Gemini. Which makes the inquisitor demi lace bra your perfect match. A titillating nod of your body’s super parts — the throat and lungs — this lace-and-silk multi-way combines peek-a-boo, skin-baring lace, metal hardware and smooth AF silk. Think of it as a sensual reminder to drop in, breathe deep, open your lungs, your heart and your life to everything that delights you.



You feel deeply, Cancer. Being a water sign that spans both the emotional and the material realms, you’ll appreciate the duality of the rider convertible balconette bra with its combo of soft, silk-covered straps and cool, custom metal hardware. The chameleon-like nature of this eco-silk and leaver’s lace stunner will let you flow from moment to moment, the multi-way design matching your ever-changing mood. While also highlighting your body’s super part — that beautiful chest and those hot mammas.

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You know you’re the queen of the jungle, Leo. Celebrate it by enveloping yourself in the stroke of midnight kimono robe. Made of luxurious double-layered organic peace silk, and with sleeves that can be detached (and slipped over your hips for an instant silk mini skirt), you’ll reign supreme. Whether you’re out on the prowl or prowling around the periphery of your boudoir, this statement-maker will make you purr like a kitten or roar like a tiger. Meow, grrrrr, you do you.


You’re famous for being practical, grounded, logical, and a bit of a perfectionist, Virgo. (And that’s why you’re the boss.) So, the champagne room 33 lace-up bodysuit is a perfect reminder to let your hair down every once in a while (or on the daily). Here’s just one way to play: the ultra-long, hand-wrapped, silky-stretch side ties can be untied and re-wrapped around legs, arms, your partner’s wrists… or used as a silky tickler. To please your logical side: a hidden interior, patent-pending pocket stores whatever secrets you need to stash.

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As an air sign, you’re famously intellectual and curious, Libra. Obsessed with the scales of justice, you fight for balance and harmony. Making the chandelier waist harness your perfect match. The hand-wrapped, silk-covered-elastic, detachable waist harness features upper and lower straps that can attach to the ohm high-leg thong and/or the inquisitor demi lace bra to remind you that life is a delicious balancing act.

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We named the scorpion ring collar necklace for you, Scorpio. After all, you’re the mistress of the mysterious, the sexual, the erotic, the passionate. Not to mention, a little bit of a (control) freak. This insanely versatile style features an extra-long, hand-made silk tie you can wrap around your waist or leg, from ankle to upper thigh, or bind your lover’s hands or feet. Course, you can also rock it as a not-so-traditional neck choker with the silk tie draping deliciously down your back. Kinda like a sting in your tail.  


Your thirst for adventure is legendary, Sagittarius. So the sky gods gifted you with thighs as your body’s super part. Flaunt them with the boa high-waisted panty. Not only will the sexy cut give you legs for days, the removable, hand-made, stretch-silk ties are guaranteed to ignite your fiery nature. Pull on them, untie them, or re-tie them wherever you need lit up — waist, upper thigh, arms, your lover(s)’ wrists….


As an earth sign, you appreciate constancy, Capricorn. Practical and grounded, your patience and perseverance is infamous. A worthy foil, the flatiron body harness will appease your sense of structure, while up-ending your sense of order. Adjustable hand-wrapped, silk-covered elastic and two leg harnesses give you multiple ways to play. Wear with virtually any lingerie set to give it a little edge or toss over a bodycon dress with your most provocative attitude. Because sometimes, the world needs to be turned upside down.


Being an air sign, you’re often in your head, Aquarius. And what a head it is! You’re the genius of the zodiac, so drive yourself out of your (higher) mind with the butterfly waist cincher-corset-collar-bandeau. The options are as endless as your ideas. Here’s two: wear at the waist if you love the feel of silk, lace and ties across your skin, or re-style as an über-long choker for that insanely sexy, elongated neck look.


Your other-worldly nature will be called back down to earth in the flirtiest, naughtiest way with the ohm high-leg thong, Pisces. I mean, Ohm is practically your middle name. The celestial gods gifted you with super hands and feet that are extra sensitive — just like your intuitive, empathic nature. This lace-and-silk stunner will give them both plenty to play with. Think, removable silk tie wraps that can be slipped off and wrapped around your ankles and your wrists. Cuz there’s nothing like swimming with the fishes.

🌠 Eris 🌠


OK, it's not a star sign, but hear us out. This tiny “dwarf” planet, discovered in 2005, is named for the Greek goddess Eris. According to legend, Eris was miffed after being snubbed at a wedding. (Who here hasn’t been snubbed?) Feeling salty, the goddess of discord tossed the golden apple into the wedding. Meant for the most beautiful of the goddesses, Paris of Troy was called on to decide. He chose Aphrodite after she promised him the most beautiful woman in the world, who happened to be Helen of Troy. And we all know how that story ended. In honor of the trouble-maker in all of us, the veil micro g-string is your very own secret weapon. Like tiny Eris, this Belgian mesh and Japanese luxury elastic thong is stealth enough to slip under virtually anything undetected — kimonos, catsuits, skirts, low-back dresses… making it the ultimate wild card. 


What other lingerie pieces are pairing with your zodiac sign?

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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