gift them lingerie + accessories tailor-made for their zodiac sign

Lingerie is an intensely personal choice, which makes it one of the trickiest gifts to get right. We’ve eliminated the guesswork by cherry-picking pieces from our new collection that tap into the unique eroticism of each celestial sign. Yes, we’re mad for the moon and the stars, but we're even more passionate about how we adorn our bodies (and yours). Happy gifting.


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Passionate, bold, ambitious, Aries leads with their head. Which makes the voyeur 4-in-1 blindfold mask with lace-and-silk ties a perfect foil. Boasting the sexiest cat-eye, this blindfold-meets-mask comes with three ties — peace silk, French lace and mesh-and-silk. Slide the black silk tie through the tabs to create a blindfold or slip either the sheer french lace or mesh-and-silk tie over the eyes for the ultimate in voyeurism — they get to choose whether they watch or get blindfolded. While, perhaps, using the extra two ties as restraints. Aries is the warrior sign, after all. 


Practical and grounded, yet sensual and indulgent, those born under the sign of the bull will appreciate the outdoor games sex mat. Whether used for down dog or doggy style, the custom (4' x 4') square shape of this picnic and play (aka f*ck-me) mat provides ample space for a variety of positions, just enough grip where and when they need it and a plush one-inch thickness to cushion their body. Bonus points for including the snkx tethers (sold separately), which slip through the grommets to act as restraints.


Intellectual yet spontaneous, possessed of that constantly curious, dual nature, Geminis will appreciate the chameleon appeal of the muse lace bandeau + body band. They can slide this infinitely styleable number over breasts, booties, waists, whatever body part begs for luscious, luxury European lace. Then cinch the silk tie and voila, it’s a purr-fect fit. Until, that is, they’re singing, “Thank you, next!”

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Home is where the heart is — quite literally — for Cancer. This deeply intuitive and emotional water sign craves trust, and its erotic body part is the chest (aka breasts). Which makes the double entendre bustier w/ detachable cups the perfect gift to tease them out of their shell. Think, double-sided silk cups that zip off when they’re ready to rock that cupless style au naturel. Made of custom European embroidered tulle, stunning performance mesh and silk-covered boning, this bustier will shape and hug their curves into a delicious silhouette that will make them melt.

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Leo is queen of the jungle, and they deserve nothing less than the best. Cue the European embroidered tulle love triangle bra and love triangle mini g-string. Equal parts naughty and romantic, they can wear the set alone for a flirty sheerness that leaves little to the imagination, or layer both under or over another bra and thong duo for a layered look with peel-off potential that will come into play later.

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Logical, practical and an infamous perfectionist, Virgo will derive endless hours of pleasure mastering the manifold ways to play with the snkx harness, stretch tethers, play straps, wraps. Available in lengths of three, four and five feet, this luxurious, stretchable, grommeted strap is designed to ignite their kinky side and turn all their lingerie pieces into playthings. Use the lnkx mini handcuffs to attach snkx to panties, bras, garters and bodysuits to create an instant lingerie harness. Style around the neck and then criss-cross at the chest and clasp behind the back for a fierce bra harness look. Double up to create leg wraps. And that’s just for starters.

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The queen of justice, the seeker of balance, the creator of harmony, Libra will call the sweet tooth high-waisted panty w/ 2-way zipper their new ride-or-die panty. Why? It’s a perfect balance of the yummy, skin-tickling pleasure of double-sided silk and the juicy sexiness of a front-to-back (or back-to-front) zip-off crotchless styling. Not to mention, European mesh panels for a flirty peek-a-boo effect and an angled cut that gives their booty the most delectable frame.


The hips are the Scorpio seductress’ secret power spot, which makes the sugar trap booty harness their new secret weapon. Not only will the silk harness gently grip their thighs, the mesh on this versatile, two-way booty harness will cup their a$$ cheeks ever-so-lusciously. Being the sex siren of the zodiac, they’ll smile when they realize they can also unhook the silk harness and layer it over all their favorite boudoir pieces. 


On a never-ending quest for adventure and knowledge, the archer’s power spot is their shapely thighs. What better way to accent them than the supper club high-waisted thong harness w/ detachable garters. They can wear this as their everyday go-to thong or strap on the harness and giddy up! Style in any combination of 1, 2 or 3 garters, positioned close together on the upper thigh or spread out and down the silky surface of their legendary legs.


This practical and grounded earth sign is known for their patience and perseverance. So they’ll derive (or extract) endless hours of pleasure toying with the hot stack stackable g-string + thongs. In sultry shades of gold, smoke and black, this sexy, stackable, strip-off-able panty set is designed to layer on top of one another to deliver different looks as they play. Our favorite way to unpeel: french lace thong, followed by the embroidered mini g-string, then, last and least, the silk micro g-string. Oh la la! 

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Want to titillate an Aquarius? Take a feather to their shins, calves and ankles. Or gift them the here kitty kitty catsuit romper with European performance mesh legs that feel oh-so delicious hugging their shins… or being peeled off. Yes, the legs can be untied at the top of the thigh and unzipped at the back of the calves and slipped off, slow as molasses... turning this second-skin catsuit into a body-con romper.


The hands and feet are the erogenous zones of this intuitive, empathetic water sign. So, what better way to appeal to their legendary sensitivity than with the air kiss fingerless opera gloves that softly stretch from upper arms to wrists, leaving fingers available to stay busy. (Or not.) The silky feel of these extra-long, soft-stretch mesh beauties will drive their curiosity. Or, they might strip them off and use them to drag across a lover's skin…

What other lingerie pieces are pairing with your zodiac sign?

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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