by Suzannah Weiss, certified sex educator, sex/love coach, feminist writer
It’s officially anal august, which means there’s never been a better time to start experimenting with butt plugs (or get a new one). Butt plugs stimulate the sensitive nerves around the anus, as well as the areas inside the rectum that are close to the vagina and/or prostate — which means, for many people, even more pleasure.
Butt plugs come in different sizes and materials, with some vibrating and some even controllable through an app. They can also be used in a variety of ways: during masturbation, during partnered sex, combined with clitoral, vaginal or penile stimulation… or when you’re not even doing anything sexual. After all, there’s nothing like some anal pleasure to spice up everyday activities.
Here are a few ideas for different things to do while you’re wearing a butt plug, ranging from the sexy to the mundane. Whatever you’re doing, just make sure to use lube and a toy with a flared base so that you can get it out when you’re done.
butt plug tips
1. Rub your clit
You’ll feel your orgasms in your anus along with your pussy, making them extra intense.
2. Walk the dog
You’ll feel mischievous running into a neighbor knowing you have a little secret.
3. Take a Zoom call 
What else will get you through two hours of rambling that should’ve been an email?
4. Spank your partner
Make sure your ass is getting some action, too.
5. Use a vibrator
You can use it on your pussy or hold it against your butt plug to make it vibrate.
6. Listen to music
Get yourself a Lovense Hush 2, and your toy will vibrate in syc with the song.
7. Have cyber sex
You can also have a partner control your butt plug from a distance if you have a Lovense Hush 2 or a We-Vibe Ditto.
8. Fuck
Having something in both holes will give you a feeling of being filled to the brim.
9. Read
At the very least, it’ll stop you from falling asleep.
10. Take a bath
Use a waterproof butt plug for a truly sensual experience. Just make sure to insert it before you enter the water and the lube washes off. 
11. Cuddle
It may lead to more… or just make for an extra spicy cuddling session. 
12. Watch a sexy movie
Enjoy the buildup, then attend to your needs afterward.
13. Play with your nipples
See how much you can feel without genital stimulation.
14. Check your email
Each time you delete a message, reward yourself with a buzz.
You’ll know you’re doing them right when you feel your anus contact around the butt plug.
16. Dance
You’re wearing a butt plug. What is not to celebrate?
17. Do squats
Your ass will thank you for it, on both fronts (err… backs).
18. Do your nails
It’s all about self-care, baby.
19. Sext
The base of the plug sticking out will make for a hot visual.
20. Give oral sex
Engage your whole body, and let yourself receive pleasure as you’re giving it. 
21. Meditate 
Relax and let go of any anal tendencies you may have, knowing your butt plug is there to support you.
••• •••
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