Ass play is on everyone's lips these days. Sex experts and educators have been calling anal the new oral for a few years now and we the people — and toy market — are catching up to the hype. Whether you're a beginner or pro in that space, you'll need to keep a few things in mind (and booty) before you work it. 
Make sure you're prepped with a few of these items on hand before you go ass up.
anal play
The 3 S's
Sexpert and b vibe founder Alicia Sinclair Rosen says that if you're new to the anal game, make sure you start 1) Small 2) Slippery and 3) Slow. As she says "don't go from zero to penis..." instead a good way to start is by using your fingers to see what strokes or touch you like as well as what size toys feel best for you. Slippery means lube... because your booty doesn't make its own lubrication so don't do butt stuff without it. And of course, take it slow because even though your bum is jacked with nerve endings (and it's not lubed as mentioned), it's also delicate, sensitive tissue so taking it slow ensures you control the pace and pleasure.
Stress Check
Anal play doesn't have to come with loads of anxiety. Sure, there's the poop factor (because it is an anus), the sensory situation (sight, sounds, smells), the cultural or religious taboos that still exist for some... but you and your partner both know what you're getting into so the more relaxed and communicative you can be, the more chill your body (looking at you, sphincter) will become and the more you'll enjoy. If you like cannabis, a nice pre-game toke can up your mood and lower your inhibitions and stress.
The All Clear
Make sure you empty your bowels an hour or so before play and make sure you clean the area with baby, booty or sex wipes and/or gentle soap and water. Enemas, like this classic style from b vibe, are reusable and give you a deeper clean by flushing a few inches before play.
anal sex
Clean-Up Wipes
Stash extra wipes in your nightstand, sex drawer, sex bar or where you keep your toys to help keep it clean.
A Sex Towel
Sometimes an ordinary towel isn't enough to save your sheets and mattress from juicy sex. Opt for a style that's super-absorbent, offers easy clean up from body juices, lubes, etc., while giving you the freedom to let go, like this waterproof Squirt Blanket.
anal sex
Black Gloves
Sporting black gloves lets you play with a little more freedom from when you're using your fingers to massage, stroke of play with yourself or a partner. They usually come in latex or non-latex nitrile versions.
Lube Fest
Lube is literally going to be your booty's best friend. Use way more than you think you need and re-apply often. B vibe offers a kit of flavored and warming lubes, which lets you experiment with taste and sensations (and may help reduce concerns about how your experience tastes or smells, according to Sinclair Rosen). We also like Cake's Tush Cush, a hybrid of silicone and water for longer-lasting cushion and lubrication.
Talk It Out
If something is new... either anal itself, your partner, an anal toys, make sure you and your lover are on the same page. Knowing your boundaries, likes/dislikes, tempo, expectations, can make for sexy pre-gaming while making sure you're in control and not surprised.
One O at a Time
If you're dabbling in butt stuff and "front stuff" during the same sex sesh, make sure you follow the same rules you follow for wiping ie go from front to back. Whether you're using your toys, fingers or mouth, don't play with your ass then move to your vulva without clean-up first.
What's on your ass play checklist?👇💋