your sex drawer wants an upgrade

We've got bars for spirits, a bar for weed, entire cellars for wine, but only a drawer for sex? We say it's time to re-prioritize pleasure and stock up on whatever it is that puts you in that lustful mood. Obviously only you know what ignites you and gets you off, but if you need a place to start, we've got ideas below. Dial them up or up down based on what you need, but might we suggest stocking a few classics, your personal favorites and some playthings designed to stretch your discovery and tease your edges? P.S. Have some fucking fun, love bug. 


best vibrator

g-spot vibrators 

This luxe style from Zalo has everything we could ask for: a large head, a gentle curve, super-quiet motor and a gold chain (just 'cuz). 

one-size-flexes-to-all vibrators

Crescendo's super-bendy style literally morphs to whatever angle or bend you need to hit clits, g-spots and p-spots alike. It's about as close as you can get to a custom vibrator. 

penis vibrators 

We've been eyeing this state-of-art sleeve that uses sonic wave technology and an app to take your O to new heights. Cake's stroker makes hand jobs hot again. 

oral sex simulator 

The next-generation of vibrators now simulate tongue action. And yes, they're worth your time and $$.

cock rings 

This high-tech, vibrating version from Lelo makes couple's play a little more thrilling. If you're into classics, Charged's Bigo ring is an oldie but hottie. If you're into bondage styles, this Adjustable Stamina Ring does the trick.  


You know what you like in terms of size and shape. We're always down for a good investment piece like this black obsidian crystal daddy from Chakrubs. 

anal play

anal play

If you're a newbie... try a wand that gets progressively girthier or go for glammer, more artistic options like jewelry plug or beads. For veterans of the booty game, the Double Fist from Square Peg Toys (pictured) delivers a deeper, 'more expansive" experience (yeah, the name was the give-away).

wedge pillow 

If you need instant creative inspiration, just add pillow. They prop, provide support and help you get in and stay in all sort of new positions. We've got our eyes (and hips) on the Liberator wedge/ramp combo — it lets you hit all the angles whether you're giving or receiving. Dame's Pillo is also the perfect combo of soft and firm. 

nipple play 

If that's your thing, add some clamps or a nipple balm to heighten your experience. Babeland stocks a variety of affordable clamps if you're just test-driving them. We love this Crown style from Upko that ignites your inner queen ($80). Don't forget pasties for all those cupless bras and bodysuits.

role play

role play fun 

If you're new to this game, start small with a few items to kickstart the play, like a suite of sexy fvck-off red lipsticks, a feather boa, a wig you've been lusting after but haven't dared buy, a mysterious mask that let's you pretend to be someone you're not. If you're a seasoned pro at taking on a new role, consider swapping out some out items that no longer turn you on for pieces that make you tingle all over. 

clit action 

For that sweet clit-gasm, you need toys that focus. Lelo's Sona 2 is the Tesla in the category, but we're also loving Adam & Eve's Breathless. Add some clit lube (which actually works anywhere you need a tingle) while you're at it. 

an array of lubes 

When it comes to lubes, there's no shortage of water-, oil- or silicone-based options. We're loving the ones from Cake for penises, vaginas and booties. If you're into CBD varieties, we love Ananda's Bliss Intimate Oil with 250 mg of CBD or "O" by Dani Pepper which is also packed with aphrodisiacs for even more bang for your buck. Organic O's only? This coconut-oil-based one from Woo More Play gets it done. 

sex toys

ties or cuffs 


From satin, silk or lace ties and fashionable BDSM handcuffs, the options are endless. Of course, you can also use stockings to bind a lover (or yourself) but why not splurge on a few investment pieces. We love the ones that easily double for fashion outside the bedroom (looking at you Ludovica Martire). 

natural massage candles

Massage candles that heat down into massage oils help take foreplay into new depths of indulgence. Burn this sensorially addictive, rose-scented beauty from oskia whether it's a party for one, two or more. We also dig them in travel size for Os on the go. 

some spanking fun 

Crops, paddles, floggers... if you're into a little spanking, up the ante with some accessories that help you explore. Pour yourself some champagne and spend some time perusing Brigade Mondaine's picks. 

sexy toys


We love a good tease... especially Elif Domanic's feather style. Yep, they ship worldwide. 

arousal lubes and gels 

Some offer cooling sensations and others offer warming, while others are packed with aphrodisiacs and hemp to increase blood flow and arousal like this sexy number from Foria

sex games

ice-breaker + discovery games

Kick off a night of exploration and fun with games designed to heighten intimacy and experience. Nooki has three levels that take you through warm up, foreplay and actual sex. Or take an X-rated card deck and play your favorite games strip-style. 

pre- and post-sex wipes 

We keep Maude handy... because ya gotta keep it clean ;) 

What's in your sex drawer turned sex bar?

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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