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On the top of our “side hustles to consider” list has to be lubes + sex serum tester. It's high on pleasure and low on the “likely to be replaced by AI in the next year” category. In the spirit of delivering you juicy insights and informed product recos, here are some of the most luxurious lubes to love + why they're worth putting into your bedtime routine. 


Personal Fav sex serum +  pleasure oil duo


When it comes to Personal Fav, we're always down for a threesome: us + their Dynamic Duo featuring Whet sex serum and Pique CBD-infused pleasure oil. This sexy, plant-based duo drips with aphrodisiacs to arouse the senses, stimulate desire and heighten sensation while calming, soothing and nourishing skin. Pique's got the perfect blend of both slip and grip to use as an erotic massage oil when you need a luscious little breast or booty massage to start the day on a high note. Score the bundle + pleasure your wallet as well. $69

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Cake booty lube

When your booty needs that love, too, Cake's got you covered with Tush Cush, a hybrid silicone- and water-based jelly that provides brilliant cushion for butt play. Free of alcohol, glycerin, dyes, parabens, gluten and fragrances — and self-described as “ouch-free.” $18

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foria arousal lube


Meet the vulva whisperer of lubes, foria's Awaken arousal oil, designed for specifically for clits, labias and vaginas. Packed with aphrodisiacs and hemp, this broad-spectrum CBD-infused mood maker stimulates blood flow and amps up pleasure in as little as 5 minutes. $40

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playground scented lube 

If you like your lube packed with aphrodisiac scents, not a bunch of questionable ingredients, Playground's clean, water-based, plant-based formulas will be your new obsession. We love After Hours for its musky, woodsy, let's fuck outside vibes, but they have 3 other scent options to explore. $25

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überlube silicone lube


This one-pump beauty from überlube makes the perfect plus one if you're looking for a latex-safe silicone formula that's just as safe for bodies. The sleek pump-style lube delivers just the right amount for play wherever you are from underwater to inside booties. $20

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aureum water-based lube


Tabu's water-based lube, aureum, is like a spa day for your pussy. Made in California, it's ingredient list features organic aloe vera, hyaluronic acids, plant extracts and omega-6 fatty acids to soothe and calm while you get your stroke game on. $37


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shine water-based lube


Maude's organic, water-based lube, Shine, is free from virtually everything but pleasure. No parabens, no fragrance, no animal cruelty. Just a fuckton of fun. Perfect for sensitive skin. $25

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lelo personal moisturizer + lube


This genius 2-in-1 personal moisturizer meets lube is the ultimate skin indulgence. If you love Lelo's clit suckers, couples vibrators and all-around great vibes, you'll love this water-based lubricant that's body, latex, toy and fabric safe, leaving everyone involved fully satisfied. $25

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province apothecary sex oil 

Turn your play time into a sexual wellness routine with Province Apothecary's certified organic Sex Oil. It's naturopath-approved, supremely luxuriously, insanely clean and deliciously down to fuck. We love this lube paired with their Lover's Oil, an erotic massage oil that turns your Saturday morning in bed into a weekend sex marathon. $22

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Glissant spray lube

We're obsessed with Huile D'Amour, the 2-in-1 intimacy spray oil infuseed with 100 mg of CBD, herbal aphrodisiacs and botanicals up arousal, increase blood flow, reduce stress and provide just enough glide for bigger, bolder, yummier orgasms. Pro tip: Spray in your mouth pre-game to get all the benefits of CBD and CBG. $55

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What are the best lubes and sex serums that your body is loving? Comment below…

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