yummy aphrodisiac scents packed into sexy candles

Set the mood for a sexy night in with aphrodisiac candles dripping with yummy, sensual notes that create the perfect ambiance for love, lust or [insert fantasy here]. Condoms, vibes and pregnancy tests sold separately. 


There's more to Byredo's Loose Lips than its on-the-nose name. Packed with known aphrodisiacs rose, violet, Morello cherry and orris butter, we advise keeping your lube and toys on hand when you light up. $90

Boy Smells' Polyamberous drips with about as much heat as you can pack in wax: ginger, cardamom, tobacco flower, patchouli, tonka bean.Strike a match, cue hours of pleasure and play. $39.

boy smells candle

We love FORVR MOOD's bestselling Cuffing Season, an irresistible blend of instant ambiance makers like cardomom, Italian lemon with jasmine, violet, amber and musk. With 65 hours of sexy burn time, it'll definitely last a marathon sex weekend if not the actual cuffing season. $34

forvr mood candle

When it comes to candles, Purple Haze is DTF. It's made in Italy, it's handcrafted vegetable wax, it's packed with known aphrodisiacs violet, patchouli and cannabis accord, all things that get us deliciously revved up. $110

purple haze candle

D.S. & Durka's Tuberose Myrrhder had us spicy Ethiopian myrrh, but it's the cacao, currant and "dank Madagascar vanilla" that keeps us up all night. All we can say is, stay hydrated. $65.

ds and durka candle

Like wood? Cire Trudon's Tadine blends spicy sandalwood with cardomom and Guaiac wood for truly sensual experience. At $135, reserve this baby for a fvck that's worth it (like you).

cire trudon candle

Snowe's Pillow Talk skillfully blends sandalwood, ginger and lavendar in a way that both relaxes and stirs you. Handpoured, 100% soy, made in the US, a perfect kickoff to foreplay. $35.

pillow talk candle

What sexy candles are you loving rn? Share pls 👇💋

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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