could missionary style be the best sex position yet?

Of all the sex positions, missionary probably takes the most shit — it's basic, it's boring, it's unimaginative, it's lazy, it's [insert stereotype here], but, like anything, you can reimagine and tailor the experience to your level of passion, adventure, accessories and flexibility. Read on for some yummy ways to dial up missionary so it's nothing like its joyless, ho-hum, vanilla reputation. 


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Stretch foreplay.

The more you build up anticipation and tension, the hotter any penetrative position will be because you're passionate and sexually charged. Take breaks, add toys, change rooms, make the build-up insanely, deliciously long.

Switch up your kiss. 

Do you always kiss the same way, starting in the same spots with the same techniques? Start on the neck, behind the ear, shoulders... explore new (or neglected) territory, hunt for erogenous zones. Use more than your lips — whispers, breath, bites, licks to keep things interesting.

Change your leg positions. 

Traditionally, missionary sex typically has the bottom person's legs wider than the penetrating partner, but when you swap leg positions, the receiver adds a little leg squeeze that gives both parties pleasure. 

Add in two-person sex toys. 

Try couple's vibrators and massagers shaped designed to stimulate the g-spot and clit for a more intense take on missionary. Shop for them together to build up anticipation. 

Slide on a vibrating cock ring. 

Look for one with multiple settings like this double cock ring, which stimulates the cock and balls, can help boost erections and vibrates the clit or perineum during penetrative sex. 

Try a new angle. 

A wedge or sex pillow props up the hips to allow for deeper penetration and better access to the G-spot. The liberator is always a crowd pleaser especially for necks during oral sex. 

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Play with your lingerie. 

Keep it on during sex or slowly slip it off while you're in the act to reveal more and more luscious skin. We love the Hot Stack stackable panty trio because it lets you or your lover strip off layer by layer no matter who's giving or receiving. If you prefer to be naked, try leaving on your sexiest, come-fuck-me heels. 

Get lightheaded. 

If you're the receiving partner, scootch to the end of the bed so your head hangs over (with your neck supported by the edge of the mattress). The blood rush adds a touch of euphoria that pairs nicely with your bang. Obviously don't pass out or strain your neck. 

Ask to be teased. 

If that's your thing, it can make the basics super delicious. They can play with stroke rhythm, speed or force, penetration depth, hip grind, pausing til you can't take it, making you beg for it, any or all of the above, or whatever thing(s) drive you wild. 

 Bring on the butt stuff. 

We know our booties are jacked with nerve endings, so adding anal plugs, cones or vibrators to missionary is like eating dessert with dessert. And for those who like booty play, either or both partners can wear one in missionary. This vibrating style from b-vibe has four intensities and 6 patterns to stimulate the prostate and the legs of clitoris. P.S. If you're new to anal or plugs, remember that the booty doesn't lubricate itself so make sure you have it on hand. 

Grip like it's your job. 

There's a reason you've been doing all that yoni and kegel work. Squeeze while you're on the ride or have the penetrative partner hold still inside you and see how you can play with your grip timing, intensity, rhythm. 

Talk dirty to me. 

You don't need to be a pro to send your partner (and yourself) into over-drive. Even just telling your partner how it feels, what it feels like, how fucking amazing it is to feel them, will get the juices flowing.  

Lube up. 

Sloppy, messy sex is always yummy so bring on the lube, whether you "need" it or not. Experiment with new brands, try CBD versions... it adds an element of discovery and play for both of you, plus it feels yummy.

Be restrained. 

Are you down with losing control? Using tethers, ties or handcuffs on the bottom or receiving person puts the giver in charge, adding a whole new dimension to missionary. Boring? Um, fuck no.

Blindfold or mask up. 

This especially works if they're teasing you, but if you're open to being blindfolded, touching, kissing, stroke patterns and rhythm all heighten with the unknown. We created our 4-in-1 voyeur mask with 3 different ties so you can wear zero eye coverage, a total blindfold, sexy sheer lace or mysterious black mesh.

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Just add weed. 

Numerous studies show the symbiotic nature of sex and cannabis. It loosens inhibitions and brings on the blood flow, among other things. If it's legal where you live (or play), a little toke during pre-game can help lubricate your mood, your passion, your communication. 

Keep their gaze. 

Eye contact keeps you engaged, in the moment and supremely intimate. Bonus points if you can leave on the light or have so many candles, your bed looks like a fuck alter. 

Toss in some kink. 

Nipple clamps, handcuffs, spanking, choking, whatever your kinks... — all pre-approved of course and with your safe word on deck — can take missionary from blah to okayyyy real quick.

Work with a fantasy. 

Maybe you've been imagining fucking them all day, tell them all the juicy details play by play. Or, if you've been holding onto a little fantasy, share it, role play it, use it to spice up your imaginations. If you're doing back-to-back sheet sessions, tell them what drove you wild when they last fucked you. 

Play with music. 

Are there sounds or playlists or beats that get your hips moving, your juices flowing, your passion ignited? Exploring new music (or music at all) can change the vibe of the experience. 

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Add another person.  

Looking up and seeing a new face is a guaranteed way to make the experience feel new again. Of course, this is definitely one you need to discuss with your partner in advance. ;) 

 How are you spicing up missionary style sex? Comment below 👇💋

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