cue this playlist and your naughtiest, sexiest kink

Up for some kinky play? That push-and-pull tension? That undercurrent of fear of the unknown? Perhaps a little (consensual) pain with your pleasure? Got a naughty fetish you need some beats for? Try Johnny Rain, Nine Inch Nails, Black Caviar, Velvet Acid Christ, Trina, Ludicris, Lords of Acid, Zolita, Puscifer, KornGhostemane, Tommy Genesis, Peaches, just to name a few on our 3-hour kink playlist. It's designed to create that illusion of fear and excitement about what's to come with a backdrop of juicy lust. Use it to set the mood, drive the agenda or give inspo for tying up the one you want. Follow @lunaticfemme on Spotify for all the sexy, lusty, naughty playlists you need. 


xxx, Lunatic Femme

pair some lingerie with your kink

xxx, Lunatic Femme

What playlist, mood and kink unleashes your pleasure?