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So many podcasts to love, so much learning and unlearning to do. This list of 14 of the best sex podcasts just reminds us that there needs to be more hours in the week and we need to quit our day jobs in order to listen to them all. Check out our list of faves and if we missed one that will rock our sex world, share below. Your best sex life takes a village. In the meantime, thanks to these sex trailblazers. xxx

Sex with Dr. Jess

Toronto-based podcast host + sexologist Dr. Jessica O'Reilly leans in hard on the real-life taboo questions we all want answers to but are afraid to ask. She works with her partner Brandon to help educate us all on how to build intimacy, work through sex issues and tackle all Qs from libido, kink and compatibility to navigating issues with your partners and relationships.

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Sex with Emily

Podcast host + sexologist Emily Morse tackles hard questions, issues and topics about relationships, intimacy and sex. We love the way she handles Q&As with callers who need specific, shame-free advice. Her episode on squirting answer the Qs: what is it, where is it, how do I do it, how do it again and again...

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Elevated Intimacy

Podcast host, sex expert and sex educator, Ashley Manta, aka the Cannasexual, uses her platform to help listeners ID and address what might be holding them back sexually and what it takes to thrive in the bedroom, everything from communication, STD myths and sex retreats to dick toys, energetic sex and orgy etiquette. 

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Sluts and Scholars

Podcast host, sexologist and marriage/family therapist Nicoletta Heidegger hits all the "forbidden" topics we can't get enough of from busting balls and pro anal sex tips to kinky spa time, squirting and wrestling fetishes. Check out the Welcome to Kinkville episode for a good time.

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Sex Ed with DB

Podcast host and sex expert Danielle Bezalel, aka DB, uses her feminist platform to deliver smart, sexy, intersectional storytelling that focuses on the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities. Topics like dating and disabilities, abortions in the South and Clone-A-Willy sex toys.

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Honeydew MePodcast

Hosts Emma Norman and Cass Anderson have a simple (but fvcking glorious) mission... to give you the best sex life or your life through mindblowing orgasms, insane bedroom confidence and zero shame. Our fave episode feature car sex, nipplegasms and back humping. 

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Owning Your Sexual Self

Podcast host and sex therapist-turned-sex-coach Rachel Maine takes her Sexual Confidence platform to a more intimate setting with interviews on relationships (think communication, non-monogamy, initiating sex), sex techniques (edging, anyone?) and intimacy (masturbation, hard conversations, etc.). We're loving the Proper Breast Play episode.

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The Electric Feminine

Podcast host and sensual movement coach Anjua Maximo is rocking season 4 of delicious interviews rooted in sensuality, movement and sexual energy. Loving the raw vulnerability and honesty in the Wheels N Toys episode that covers destigmatizing masturbation, sex toys and women with disabilities.

We Gotta Thing

Podcast hosts and long-time married couple Mr. and Mrs. Jones wax eloquent (and naughty) about navigating their swinging lifestyle, relationships and play, including busting myths, perceptions and fears. Learn the ins and outs (pun intended) and a whole new world of vocabulary in their play by plays.

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Sydnee in the Sheets

Podcast host and NYC-based sex enthusiast Sydnee Paige takes us through all things sex, love, dating and relationships from the POV of her 20-something dating "adventures" in the city, but like she's your bestie. While all her episodes leave you with tips and insights, her graphic Give Head and Get Ahead blowjob technique is worth a listen (and you'll see why it got her banned from TikTok and shoutouts from women who got the power back in their relationship ;).

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Shameless Sex

Podcast hosts sex and relationship coach Amy Baldwin and sex educator April Lampert, VP of an international sex toy company, focus on radical shame-free sexual experiences, intimacy and advice. Mindblowing oral sex, sex parties, fantasies, pussy power and role play. Almost 300 episodes, prepare to take notes.

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Sofia with an F

From fuck girls, hot girls and It girls to divorce, drama and all the dinner-party taboo topics most people don't touch on till after the second cocktail, Sofia Franklin goes there. Count on staying up-to-speed on culture, sex and mental health while getting savagely empowered at the same time. Come for the laughs, leave smarter and sexier.

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DTF: Darryl & Timaree Fun Hour

Podcast hosts and sex educator Dr. Timaree Schmit and comedian Darryl Charles combine sex ed with comedy with a sometimes-game-show format to talk and educate all things sex. Think washing yo' junk, penis-shaming emojis, autosexuality and more with backdrop of humor and realness.

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Lacey & Flynn Have Sex

Podcast hosts and UK-based sex and relationship coaches Lacey and Flynn teach you how to have a yummy, thriving sex life by fvcking in all its many forms live on the show for one of the most unfiltered looks (and listens) at working through issues of pleasure, communication, stress, wants, needs, desires and more. We're naturally loving the Joy of Eating Pussy episode and the one about sauna sex.

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