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There are endless routes to orgasm. Often, our preconceived notions about our bodies' limitations block us from traveling down all these paths. Yet orgasm happens in the brain, not in any one body part — and in fact, this state can be accessed without any body part being touched. A touch-free orgasm is no less real than a touch-induced one. In one study, a woman who experienced touch-free orgasms through breath and movement experienced the same hormonal changes that typically accompany an orgasm. If you’d like to explore touch-free orgasm yourself, you can experiment with these five methods alone or with a partner.

hand-free orgasms

1. orgasms through hypnosis

Erotic hypnosis aims to put someone into an orgasmic state through carefully crafted words. You can find erotic hypnosis recordings on YouTube or work with a hypnotist who specializes in this area. They're designed to put you into a deep trance so that suggestions like “you’re about to cum” reach your brain without the psychological barriers that may typically cause disbelief. Smart and sexy. After listening to a few online erotic hypnosis recordings, you and your partner can even make up your own customized scripts and recite them to each other. Date night just got hotter.

 2. orgasms through BDSM 

In a similar way to hypnosis, hearing commands from a dominant can arouse some submissives to the point of orgasm. This requires you to know what words and phrases turn you on and communicate that to your partner so they can feed you the perfect commands. You might combine verbal commands such as “don’t cum until I tell you to… now cum” with other BDSM techniques, such as bondage or blindfolds to create more arousal and bring you to that orgasmic state. Some people find the state of surrender this can evoke highly erotic orgasms.

3. orgasms through fantasy

Some people can “think off” — that is, orgasm just by fantasizing or reminiscing on an amazing sexual experience. The trick to this is knowing exactly what turns you on and concocting your ideal fantasy. Looking at porn or reading erotica that you find highly arousing can also, for some people, lead to an orgasm. Audio erotica is great for this because you can lie down, relax and focus as you listen. 

4. orgasms through breathwork 

There are many tantric and taoist techniques for moving sexual energy throughout your body using your breath. Try imagining that when you inhale, you’re expanding the sensation in your genitals throughout your entire body. With each breath, that sensation grows. Vocalizing on the outbreath can also intensify the sensation and get you into the moment. If you want to explore this technique with a partner, try gazing into each other’s eyes and having one person breathe in as the other breathes out. Imagine that each time you breathe out and moan, you are transferring the sensation to your partner — and then they are feeding it back to you so that it grows and grows.  

5. orgasms through movement

Moving your body in sensual ways is also an amazing way to experience pleasure and orgasm without requiring touch. Consider combining movement with breathwork by shaking your fingers and toes as you imagine your breath moving the sexual sensation all the way to your extremities. Grind your hips, roll around on the ground, do a strip tease in front of the mirror, or whatever kind of movement gets you going. Whether or not this — or any of these techniques — leads to an orgasm, moving better connects you to your body and enhances your pleasure during sex and masturbation. It can also improve your relationship with your body by helping you see how incredible, juicy and alive it is.  

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by Suzannah Weiss, certified sex educator, sex/love coachfeminist writer 
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