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It's so easy to trade Zzzz for Big Os, especially when you're juggling everything from career and health to family, life and relationships. But, as we know, pleasure and happiness are directly related so the more we up what we love to do, the more we get out of our minutes. We rounded up a handful of dirty questions to ask your partner when you're looking to light a spark in you or them. Sometimes just a little sexy, not-too-deep convo will lead to juicy discovery and ignite that lustful mood. Read, go get you some.


sexy dirty questions to ask

What’s your definition of amazing sex? 


What are the naughtiest words you’d like me to say to you while we’re fucking? 


What do you think about when you masturbate? 


Eye contact or no eye contact? 


What’s your favorite sex position


What’s your all-time favorite sexual fantasy?


Who is your favorite go-to sexual fantasy?

What are they wearing? What are you wearing? Describe your location.


 What’s the deepest, strongest orgasm you’ve ever had? 


What’s the most unforgettable orgasm you’ve ever had? 


What’s your favorite or most risque place you’ve ever had sex? 


What’s the one thing (a scent, a song, a view) that always gets you aroused? 


What’s your sexual taboo? What’s the line you’ve not yet crossed?


 What’s the one thing you want to do but are too afraid to ask?


What’s your most sizzling, tantalizing, full-body-igniting foreplay to give? 


What’s your most sizzling, tantalizing, full-body-igniting foreplay to receive? 


Anal sex? You in or out? ;) 


What’s the juiciest way you could possibly imagine being woken up? 


What’s the sexiest movie you’ve ever seen? 

What’s your favorite movie sex scene of all time? 


How kinky would you like to get?


What do you want more of and what do you want less of? 


Describe your ultimate video vixen. What’s she wearing? 


What do I taste like? 


What sex toys would you like to use on me?


 What sex toys would you like me to use on you? 

What are the sexiest dirty questions you ask to lubricate the mood, the moment, the mindset? 👇💋

xxx, Lunatic Femme

dirty question: can i see you in (and out of) some luxury lingerie?

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