trust us, you knead these erotic massage oils.

In case you need another reason to get naked, we’ve put together this slick list of insanely indulgent, infinitely giftable massage oils to help you whet your desire (and theirs) for erotic fun. Maybe they have aphrodisiac effects, maybe they have CBD to encourage blood flow, maybe they add an element of temperature play, but all are our plus ones for making massage fucking fantastic.


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Nooky Massage Oil  

We love a silky sensual massage oil that's lightweight enough to let you feel skin beneath your hands, lips and body but slippery enough to up-level your stroke game Comes in four aphrodisiac-adjacent, paraben-free scents — we love Sensual Vanilla for its soothing, sexy notes that are both erotic and relaxing. Thanks to its coconut- and sunflower- oil-base, the formula leaves skin hydrated without being greasy so little risk of residue on the sheets. And yes, we love that sexy AF minimalstic black bottle. $18

Viva Naturals

Rub this organic jojoba, fractionated coconut oil, sweet almond and sunflower oil everywhere — as nature intended. (No body part should get left out of the fun.) It glides on without leaving any sticky, tacky residue to spoil the mood and is a non-greasy solution for keeping yummy moisture locked into skin post shower or bath. The unscented version won’t compete with personal scents, but the blend of lavender, geranium, clove and eucalyptus will lull you into a blissful post-coital slumber.  Bonus: Mix it up by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil when applying the unscented version. $15

Yoni Pleasure Palace 

For all you sensitive types, this 100% certified organic and hypoallergenic intimacy oil contains zero added fragrances, colors or flavors so you can enjoy a good, healthy fuck sans hives and anaphylactic shock. Distilled in Australia, Slippery Coco’s multi-use formula also maintains your pH down under and is free from hormone disrupters — especially important for those experiencing hormonal changes from things like cancer treatment, menopause or breastfeeding Bonus: Pregnant? Massage into your skin to help prevent stretch marks and risk of perineal tearing. $40

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Pussy Butter™ 

Mmmm, mmm good is right. Organic and edible, this white-chocolate rose body butter is perfect for a romantic night eating out. But don’t stop with oral sex and sensual massage because the formula is pH balanced with natural antibacterial properties that also make it ideal for yoni steams, anal massage and even nipple chaffing. Bonus: Discrete packaging keeps your Pussy Butter a secret from the mail carrier… unless you don’t want it to be. $44  

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Luxe Massage Oil by Bloomi

Made with organic, full-spectrum hemp extract (CBD), purported to increase blood flow (and pleasure), this plant-based oil serves as a sensational sexy slip. Bloomi’s uber clean standard ensures toxic ingredients never touch your intimate areas. We’re talking medical-grade silicone, stainless steel and no skin allergen ingredients like glycerin, gluten, phthalates, sulfates, parabens, alcohol, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances. It’s so clean, playing doctor will feel like the real thing — well, without the gloves, since it’s not latex compatible. Bonus: The aroma adds an extra hit of relaxation to this CBD-elish formula, infused with lavender and sandalwood. $45

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Flora + Bast Aphrodia Oil  

Standard Dose credits plants for their transformative power to heal, nourish and inspire you to wanna fuck your partner’s brains out. That’s why their petrochemical-free, non-GMO, vegan formula uses only natural ingredients to amp up your libido and keep you fully lubricated in all the right spots. Also safe when used as a tincture, squirt a few drops in your mouth to reduce stress and discomfort, keeping you relaxed and ready for your RDA of foreplay. Bonus: Safe for toys and oral sex during an au natural romp, but not the latex in condoms. $77

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Coco de Mer Enraptured Figment Massage Oil

Infused with fig and orange blossom, this luxe, fragrant oil will make you feel like you’re frolicking (read: fucking) on the grounds of an Italian palazzo. For over two decades, Coco de Mer has been working toward leveling the pleasure playfield for women, creating lubrication designed to please all parties. This decadent formula is no exception, carefully balanced with just the right amount of olive, argan and grapeseed to leave skin feeling moisturized and your body craving “amore.”  Bonus: The bottle is as pretty as the scent, designed to enrapture to imagination with a gorgeous, heritage-erotica illustration on brown-tinted glass. $42

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Oskia Massage Candle

Wax on, get off. Light this massage oil candle to heat up your sex life. Due to the low melting point of this nourishing wax, infused oils never get too hot, keeping temperature play fun. In just five minutes, use the slightly cooled, melted layer to tantalize and invigorate the senses. Beeswax, soya and coconut oil deeply moisturize the skin while May rose serves as an aromatic reminder of sensual pleasure all day long. Organic, free from the nasty stuff and loaded with essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, it’s the friendliest fire for your flame. Bonus: This doubles as ambient room décor, in modern sleek white with easy-pour design. $72

What are your fav erotic massage oils for a sexy night in? 👇💋

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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