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When you create not only a self-love practice, but also a self-lust one, making time for that sensual, sexual meditation can be the difference between staying in your creative flow or not. Because when you're in that creative flow, everything else flows, too (yes finances, yes mood, yes relationships, yes productivity...). 

So what is sexual meditation? Some sex experts define it as techniques or meditations that quiet your mind, up your arousal and mentally prep you for more connected, engaged, mindful sex — a mental foreplay of sorts. More broadly speaking, sex meditation can simply include a variety of ways to slow down, become more mindful and better connect to yourself and your lover (if you're practicing with one) for yummier, more sensual, better sex without any goals. For this post, we're talking about the latter.

That said, use this deliciously slow and seductively meditative playbook as your to-do list — what lingerie to wear, what playlist to listen to, what inspo to read — and cue that playbook, that mood, that lust when you need pulled back into the present moment, tuned into your body, tuned out of distractions and into your superpower state of you-ness.

your sexual meditation shopping list

what to wear playbook for sensual meditation

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3. SocksBarefoot Dreams

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your sexual meditation playlist

We designed this Sensual, Sexual Meditation playlist to take your body on an energetic wave of pleasure, amping up your erotic energy into a tornado of yummy emotions that leads to Nirvana. Let yourself get lost in the rhythms, lyrics and voices. Notice what turns you on and what turns you off. Perhaps what moves you one day might not move you the next or maybe you learn that particular beats get you in that flow state fast while others are a slower, more luscious journey. It's all information and that's part of meditative exploration. P.S. Follow Lunatic Femme on Spotify for a complete list of playlists to ignite all your moods.

your sexual meditation to-do list

1. Focus on your body 

Use your senses to pull you into moment + engage with what you see (sexy curves), what you feel (soft skin, silky lingerie), what you smell (luscious fragrance), what you hear (playlist, breath, whispers), what you taste (skin, sweat, fruit, chocolate).

2. Focus on their body 

See above. Rinse, repeat. If you're feeling shy or distracted, start with compliments. I love this... This looks... You feel... I like the way you....

3. Play with dirty talk  

The idea is to stay in the moment so tease, flirt, command and see how they respond, what ignites them and you. This can both kickstart arousal and prolong the excitement.

4. Use sensual touch

How can you make your touch slower, lustier, more lingering? Do you graze your fingertips on their neck, their back, do you apply deeper pressure in their booties or thighs to make the mood more meditative? 

5. Add a soundtrack 

We love instrumental music with that almost snake-like, seductive charm that both lulls you and turns you on. Other times, those throaty, naughty whispered lyrics pull us in. What works for you to get you feeling calmer, sexier, more sensual?

6. Listen to their breath or yours 

Breathwork has been used for centuries in sex and meditation to better connect mind and body as well as sync lovers' energies. We love medium Jamie Butler's whispered breathing technique to tune into your lover during foreplay.

7. Follow your body

One of the tenets of feminine movement is listening to your body — not your head — and move to its own rhythm. Tune into what feels good versus what you think looks good.

8. Ultra-slow erotic massage

You've got erotic massage and you've got erotic massage at half speed. Where can you slow down in order to feel more, give more, receive more, connect more.

9. Change your goal

The end game is pleasure. Milk it. Every erotic step of the way.

10. Turn off the clock

We're not going for a 5-minute, quick-hit of euphoria.   

11. Create a meditative space 

Luxurious blankets, pillows to support your body, sex wedges to hoist your hips, different textures to keep skin stimulated and aroused.

12. Connect your energy 

Medium Jamie Butler suggests starting sitting back to back with your lover so energy systems and breath naturally sync up before you start to play.

13. Start foreplay early

Begin the tease when the day starts. A smile, a touch, a flirt, some dirty talk get their mind in the game early on. 

14. Seduce with scents

Again, start early, drip your sheets with aphrodisiacs, dab your erogenous zones, infuse the air with incense. Make the mood.

15. Unleash your imagination 

How wild can your fantasies go? How deliciously can you visualize what you like or what you want? Can you share those images with your lover to take your meditative sesh even deeper? 

16. Slide in a butt plug 

Consensual of course. Adding anal play can heighten orgasms and keep your body stimulated in multiple areas at once.

17. Add in breast massage 

Stimulating the breasts, the nipples through focused massage is not just arousing and meditative but also increases circulation and better connects your energy centers. If you've got a partner, this provides another avenue for sensual touch.

18. Mind your erogenous zones

Visualize where and how you like to be touched, what textures do you like. Seduce yourself mentally first.

19. Vary your voice

Are you dominant? Submissive? Do you whisper? Demand? Talk dirty? Speak shyly? Use your voice to communicate desire and keep you and your partner in the moment. Mix it up moment to moment, mood to mood, as your slow-sex sesh evolves. 

20. Add in edging

Create more sensuality and a bigger, slower climax, which is the key to edging. Slowly build to orgasm then pull back so the end game is bigger, bolder, juicier.

21. Practice other types of orgasms

When your goal is pleasure and your focus is the moment-by-moment journey, is there a better time than to go for that new orgasm? Where else can you explore? Nipples, anus, g-spot, p-spot. 

22. Go hands free

Up-level your mind-body connection by trying touch-free orgasms. Our fave techniques from BDSM to fantasies are from sex educator Suzannah Weiss.

23. Power up with kundalini energy

Prolong your climax and turn it into a full-body by using your breath to build up tension (aka kundalini energy) then release it through your chakras and body. Jamie Butler shows you how.

24. Show gratitude

Central to any meditative practice is the heart-opening gifts of gratitude. Show and express appreciation for yourself and your partner to open and connect with love. 

Did we miss your fave way to get into the sexual meditation zone? 

Comment below with all the juicy details. 

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