your body wants it: our luscious lingerie harness all over its skin

It's true, our bodies know what they want.... whether they feel like hiding in the sheets or showing off in the streets. And the beauty of all that luscious feminine energy is that you get to be and do it all. Whatever your mood, your moment, your event, you get to morph your style to fit. And who's to say that's not going to be different depending on, well, life. Enter our Flatiron Body Harness, your ride-or-die lingerie piece that styles over or under lingerie sets, catsuits, dresses, kimono robes or abso-fucking-lutely nothing but your delicious skin. What can we say, your lingerie should be as versatile as your sexual desires. 

A lingerie harness just isn't a lingerie harness... it has to feel luxuriously soft against the skin but give you that tightness you love where you love it. 

Our Flatiron Body Harness features 

hand-wrapped, peace-silk-covered elastic

that feels deliciously soft against the skin but can be tightened where you like a little compression and looser where need a little slack.

Each fully adjustable strap ensures a delicious fit at waist, thighs and torso no matter how you style. 


style our lingerie harness under your sexiest LBD 

 Two leg harnesses let you slip this style under a bodycon dress with your most provocative attitude. Let the harness seductively peek out the top of your dress (yes between your cleavage), wrap around your neck and tie in the front or back.

our lingerie harness under a dress


slip our lingerie harness over your catsuit.

Shorten the adjustable leg harnesses to beautifully hug your booty for ultimate lingerie-harness styling over your sheer AF catsuits (rompers, playsuits + more). 

model in catsuit with lingerie harness
📸: @octaviatulip owning the harness game​​
lingerie harness set in selfie against mirror


slip our lingerie harness over this bodysuit.

Custom gunmetal bling adds a little more edge to this skin-loving bodysuit while giving you (and potentially a lover) more to play with it. Style the leg harness under the booty to accentuate your curves or style lower on leg and work the side ties in your bodysuit. Harness styling is as effortless as it is endless.


mix-and-match our lingerie harness with a black lingerie set 

Create a sexy lingerie set instantly by pairing our Flatiron Body Harness with black silk bra and panties. Because this lingerie harness is made of luxurious peace silk, it mixes and matches seamlessly in and out of bed.

our lingerie harness over lingerie set


slip this lingerie harness over your skin...

and nothing else. If you love a strip-tease, start with our Stroke of Midnight Kimono Robe (shown here), cue up a luscious playlist and get into your flow. 

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play with our lingerie harness day to night

From post-gym fits and brunch fire to drink and after-party, pack our super-stunning, supremely versatile harness to up-level + up-style your sexiest looks.

Style like Octavia with Flatiron body harness worn backward.

How are you styling your Flatiron lingerie harness? Hit us with your inspo in the comments...

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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