your style x our lingerie harness 🤌

We love our lingerie like we love our sex life... in surprisingly unorthodox positions with endless ways to play. Enter our Chandelier Waist Harness, shockingly simple in its aesthetic and deceptively stylish in its execution. We created this lingerie harness to be worn both out in the wild as well as wildly styled in sheets. 

Made with ethical peace silk, this yummy lingerie harness feels luscious against the skin but can be tightened where you like a little compression and looser where need a little slack. Each removable strap lets you connect, loop and play depending on your mood, your style, your outfit in the moment.  


your jeans x our lingerie harness 

Um your denim has belt loops for a reason... your sexy-ass lingerie harness. Jean shorts, jean skirts, jean jeans. Loop them in and LFG. 

octavia in our waist harness
📸: stylist, designer, model @octaviatulip​​


your killer dress x our lingerie harness

Unhook the bands and loop a free to your panties to highlight that sexy slit dress and the stunning legs underneath for a brilliant peek-a-boo effect. 

octavia in sleek dress
📸: ​​@octaviatulip slays the look

III. + IV.

your OOTD x our lingerie harness

Style with part of your harness or lingerie set showing or keep it your bedroom secret. If you like to showcase your bras, panties and harness out in the wild, think skirts with belt loops or grommets, button-up shirts, crop tops or belly-baring dresses.

model in lingerie set with harness
lingerie set against mirror


(y)our kimono robe x our lingerie harness

We love a good trenchcoat-when-we-open-the-door moment. If that's your M.O., style the Chandelier Waist Harness with our Inquisitor Demi Lace Bra and Ohm High-Leg Thong, which have built-in rings to loop your lingerie harness through. Top with our Stroke of Midnight Kimono Robe for a deliciously luscious peel-off. (Fact: Our kimono robe comes with detachable sleeves for even more ways to style this lingerie set.)

haddy LA in lingerie harness
📸 putting our harness to work​​

How are you styling your Chandelier Waist Harness? Hit us with your lingerie harness inspo in the comments...

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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