we dare you to find more things to hide in our secret bra pocket

We love a good secret. Especially when it comes in the form of a sexy little hidden pocket on the inside of a bra or bodysuit. That's why we designed our Rider Balconette Bra and Champagne Room 33 Bodysuit with patent-pending, inner bra pockets to stash those small little nothings that mean everything when you're out and about, pre-gaming, festivaling, forest bathing, fucking al fresco... however you do you out in the wild.

hidden bra pocket

We invite you to test-drive this hidden bra pocket (aka the "J pocket") with your own stash of unbreakable, non-sharp minis and in the meantime, check out what we're hiding:

a smoke for later
(weed or tobacco, your choice)

a toke for later (think vape)

a one-hitter of lube 

rubber cock rings (plural, because choices are nice) 

breath strips + mints

that all-purpose highlighter, blush, bronzer, lip color in a stick  

fragrance swatches

aphrodisiac tea bag for taking that O to go 
hidden bra pocket

dental floss (cuz dental hygiene is hot) 

1 condom 

a few gummies (vitamin B, CBD, THC, probiotics... you do you) 

a bullet vibrator or other discreet vibe 

extra adhesives/fashion tape

bra pocket

mini matches or lighter 

nipple clamps just in case

pill pack for aspirin

headache relief \eye drops

the perfect red lipstick

bra pocket

What are you stashing in your hidden bodysuit or bra pocket

Stash that inspo into the comments section.

xxx, Lunatic Femme

accessorize your sexy-ass bra


slip that vibe out of your bra pocket + read on