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Most people have their tried-and-true masturbation routine. It might involve porn, sex toys and/or touching yourself the way you know will get you off.  That’s a good tool to have in your toolbox, but masturbation can be much more than a fast track to orgasm. It can be an exercise in body awareness, sensual self-discovery and even spiritual expansion. Plus, by learning to notice and appreciate your body in new ways, you can build new pathways to pleasure and become more present and orgasmic with a partner. Here are a few mindful masturbation techniques that’ll expand what pleasure and sex look like for you.  


mindful masturbation how to masturbate

1. Extended edging 

Edging” usually refers to stopping when you’re close to orgasm, resuming once you’ve cooled down, starting again, and repeating until you’re ready to experience an especially explosive climax — all within one session. If you really want to reap the benefits of edging, though, try edging yourself for a whole week. Commit to touching yourself every day for a week and not orgasming until the seventh day.  

This is great for those who want to learn new types of orgasms, like penetration-based orgasms or breast orgasms, or break a habit of always orgasming through porn or a vibrator. Once you’ve been teasing yourself for a week straight, your body will be desperate enough for release that it’ll take whatever route to orgasm it can — and there are many. If God could create the universe in seven days, you can recreate your sexuality in the same time frame. ;) 

2. A conversation with your pussy 

Put a hand mirror between your legs so you can see exactly what you're doing, and ask your genitals how they’d like to be touched. This is different from touching them the way you feel like doing: Literally ask out loud, wait for the first answer that pops into your head, then try that. 

Here are a few options: If you’re touching your clitoris, you might make clockwise or counter-clockwise circles, rub it from side to side, rub it up and down, make a diagonal motion with your finger, or put a finger inside. Let go of your preconceived notions about what your body wants and you may be pleasantly surprised! 

mindful masturbation how to masturbate

3. Let in the light 

This can be done without any genital touch and can even be done outside if you have access to a yard, park, beach, pool or anywhere you can lie in the sunlight. If not, you can lie down at home by a window; the important thing is that you can see the sun outside.  

As you’re lying down, imagine that you’re receiving pleasure from the light of the sun. It's penetrating each of your pores, your pussy, every orifice of your body. Relax all of your muscles and become a vessel for the light; let it fill you up and move in response to the sensation. You can do this exercise at any moment when you’re outside: Fill up with the light of the sun. Let it nourish, energize and move you. 

4. Cervical activation 

A lot of people have very sensitive cervixes, so this can be a gentle and beautiful introduction to cervical pleasure. After warming yourself up through clitoral stimulation, penetrate yourself with a dildo and hold the tip of the dildo at the tip of your cervix. Don’t move it. As you breathe in, picture the breath going to that spot where the dildo is making contact with your cervix. Imagine that you are expanding this area of pleasure with your breath. See how much you can feel just from holding the dildo in place. If you feel comfortable, you can then start moving the dildo around to see what sensations it creates. 

mindful masturbation yoga for sex

5. Orgasmic yoga 

Don’t be fooled by the name of this practice; you do not need to know yoga to do it! Rather, orgasmic yoga is a loose, improvisational practice combining self-pleasure, breathwork, movement and stretching in whatever way feels good to you. 

One way to start is to lie down, massage your whole body, breathe deeply while moaning on the out-breath, and circle your hips to sexy music (you can check out any one of the Lunatic Femme playlists for inspiration). 

You can also try opening up your hips for increased pleasure by making the shape of a half-moon, with your arms stretched overhead and pointed toward one side, your legs to the same side, and your hips to the opposite side. 

Get creative and go where the music takes you, exploring full-body pleasure without any goals, rules or restrictions.  

Are you a mindful masturbation pro? Share your tips so we can masturbate better too ;)👇💋

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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