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Yoni eggs have been used for thousands of years and, while they're controversial from an efficacy standpoint — ie do they really work — most of the sex experts and sex educators we follow use them successfully with clients (Rosie Rees, Kim Anami, Candice Leigh, to name a few). Used correctly, experts say they can strengthen your pelvic floor, help you regain connection and "feeling" in your vagina, have bigger, stronger, deeper orgasms, and work to release trauma. If you're in the camp that believes yoni eggs a hoax, consider the below recommendations as completely non-vaginal objet d'art.   xxx

yoni egg crystal

amethyst crystal yoni egg

Naked Yoga Therapy's crystal yoni eggs work to help you on your mission of becoming a more real, raw, vulnerable authentic you. Considering a powerful healing and spiritual crystal, amethyst is known to ward off negative energy while helping you through life transformation, upping your vibration and enhancing intuition. $60  •••

crystal yoni egg

rhodonite crystal yoni egg

Chakrubs' Anahata rhodonite crystal yoni egg will be lust at first sight. Rhodonite is basically your wing woman when up against trauma, negative wounds from your past and all that emotional stuff that gets your heart racing. As this stunning crystal clears out the undesirable gunk, rhodonite activates the heart and ignites your ability to max out your full potential. Sign us up. $50. 

jade yoni egg

jade crystal yoni egg

Vaginal Kung Fu Yoni Egg + Salonette from Anami Alchemy comes with a training salon that will help you use your jade crystal yoni egg to its and your fullest potential (read orgasmic potential). With its series of yoni egg exercises, jade eggs are believed to provide energetic healing as well as ignite feeling inside your vagina. $299. 

crystal yoni egg

black obsidian crystal yoni egg

The black obsidian pussy igniter from Rosie Rees' Yoni Pleasure Palace is fiercely protective and endlessly healing. They say if you're down for seriously releasing what's holding you back, black obsidian is your stone. $60  •••

crystal yoni egg

blue quartz crystal yoni egg

You can't shop Waands and just leave with a crystal yoni egg, but say you did... this stunning throat chakra opener made of blue quartz crystal would be a sexy choice. It inspires self-expression, truth and communication while providing mental clarity, peace of mind + heart, and relaxation. $40. 

yoni egg crystal

red jasper crystal yoni egg
This crystal beauty from The Art Erotic — aka the stone of passion — comes drilled or undrilled and in three sizes. A grounding crystal, red jasper helps spark creativity and ignite kundalini energy while absorbing bad vibes, stopping burnout, relieving stress and balancing emotions. Not bad for a $40 jade egg?

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