7 crystal dildos that'll have your pussy channeling god energy

Crystal pleasure wands aka dildos are a mood-booster and healing tool in one. Typically made with crystals known for their ability to bring in positive energy and move out toxins and negative vibes, these gorgeous fuck buddies are works of art in their own right. 
We've rounded up 7 of our faves for both their crystal construction, sleek design and stunning aesthetic. Also they feel fucking good.
chakrubs crystal dildo

📸: chakrubs.com
rhodonite crystal dildo 
Chakrubs' 100% rhodonite Anahata is almost too gorgeous to fuck. At an impressive 7 inches long, 1.7 inches wide and a 5-inch circumference at its widest, this crystal wand boosts confidence, restores energy and enhances compassion, while helping you achieve your highest potential. Not bad for a dildo. $190. 
jade dildo
📸: bijouxindiscrets.com
jade green dildo
Le Bijou Indiscret's hand-crafted Saktion Indian Jade Dildo is sculpted for both body and yoni massage to channel sensual energy and power. Its 100% jade construction is said to alleviate stress, calm the mind and balance emotions (while giving the pussy a damn good time) with just under 7 inches of crystal.
red jasper crystal dildo
📸: thearterotic.com
red jasper crystal dildo
This brilliant yoni-egg-and-crystal-wand duo from The Art Erotic is made from grounding red jasper, known to boost vitality, power and creativity (think kundalini energy and root chakra fire). The crystal dildo measures just under 7 inches x 1.1 inches. $152.
rose quartz dildo
📸: lewandmassager.com
slim rose quartz crystal wand 
If you're down for a slimmer crystal dildo experience, Le Wand's Crystal Slim Wand is your new go-to. The sleek rose-quartz design is perfectly sculpted for beginners and comes with a silicone ring that offers external stimulation. Rose quartz is heart opener that helps with self-love, forgiveness and peace while releasing emotional blocks. $140.
black dildo
📸: yonipleasurepalace.com
black obsidian grinder
Sometimes you wanna lie there and take the dick and sometimes you wanna grind. Yoni Pleasure Palace founder Rosie Rees' made The Grinder for those who like to "top" their toys. It's got a flared base that's sturdy enough to place on chairs, beds, floors or wherever you get your straddle on. Handcrafted and measures 5.4 inches long x 1.8 bulbous end x 2.4 base. $123.
blue quartz dildo
📸: waands.com
blue quartz pleasure wand
Waands' triple-threat The Amrita Wand measures just under 7 inches with perfectly curved head for cervix, g spot and prostate play. The name "amrita" refers female ejaculate aka "squirt" in sanskrit, which is exactly the goal of this 100% blue quartz beauty. $159.
rose quartz crystal dildo
📸: omyoni.com
girthy rose quartz wand
If girth is your game, check out Om Yoni's The Venus, a 7-inch rose quartz pleasure wand with a 5.5-inch circumference at its widest point. Each piece is handcrafted and charged in sunlight and moonlight for ultimate self-love while removing toxic energies. $150.
What crystal dildos do you have your eyes on? Share 👇💋.

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