find that g-spot and let go with these sexy toys.

That elusive g-spot just got easier to land thanks to the impeccably designed pleasure hunters on this list. From g-spot vibrators to wands, dildos and massagers, we're sharing our faves below. Whether you're down with vibes, stainless steel, crystal, porcelain or glass, these beauties are all down for giving you deliciously mind-blowing g-spot orgasms. Happy test-driving...


high-tech g-spot vibrator

Womanizer G-Spot Vibrator Available at on Amazon, $209.

remote-control g-spot vibrator

CalExotics doesn't fuck around when it comes to your pleasure and their Venus Butterfly Remote g-spot vibrator is no exception. Think 12 intense vibes, a memory chip that stores your last function (so you can pick up where you left off), a pliable massaging "shaft" and a butterfly design that teases you externally. Available on Amazon.  $42.

sonic wave g-spot massager

Gulp. That curve is not playing. Lelo's Enigma Cruise brings all that sonic innovation you might remember from its revolutionary Sona Clit sucker (think waves and pulses of deep internal stimulation). This g-spot hunter features 8 pleasure settings, a fool-proof sculpted design, a second vibrator for clit play for double orgasms, and "cruise control" tech that ensures it doesn't lose speed or intensity when you press it against your body. Snag it on Amazon, $199.

g spot with clit suction

When it comes to sleek, sexy and luxurious, Zalo never disappoints. Our newest obsession is their 2-in-1, award-winning Queen G-Spot PulseWave Vibrator, inspired by Cleopatra and featuring gold embellishments and Swarovski crystal detailing. Use one of 8 intense vibe settings or slip on the clit suction sleeve to turn this beauty into a clitoris vibrator. Did we mention you can connect it to bluetooth for smartphone play up to 18 feet? Grab yours on Amazon, $149.

g-spot dildo

gemstone g-spot dildo

With a delicious 6.75-inch length and 3.5-inch circumference,  Chakrubs' Rabbit Jade curved g-spot wand is designed to hit that sweet spot every time. It's made of white jasper, a gemstone known for easing stress, boosting inner peace, fulfilling dreams, finding closure and igniting the crown chakra (and apparently the vagina, too). Shop it at Chakrubs, $190

g-spot dildo

couture g-spot dildo

If you follow sex expert Kim Anami, you probably know that her hand-crafted, hand-blown glass dildos are equal parts art, sex toy and healing stick. This 7-inch by 4-inch g-spot pleasurer is no different. Designed to give you a deep emotional release, surrender into trust and a connection to your feminine energy, each erotic objet d’art is 100% body- and eco-safe.   Pre-order this beauty at Anami Alchemia Akasha$299.

g-spot vibrator

flexible g spot vibrator

Olly is one of those stealth vibes you can take anywhere you want to get off. She's packs 10 discreet, but powerful settings into 7 inches so the only thing they'll hear are your moans. Soft, rechargeable, waterproof and multi-use (calling all clits, booties and other sweet spots). Shop it at Bijoux Indiscrets, $109.

g-spot dildo

artisanal glass g-spot dildo
This 100% borosilicate Rainbow Spiral g-spot wand features multiples swirl widths and a girthy 3.8-inch head that is equally yummy for g-spots and p-spots. That curvy tail isn't just for show — it allows for easy control and removal. Lightweight, fracture-resistant and perfect for sensory play (and display). Shop it at Glas toys, $220.

g-spot dildo

stainless steel g-spot dildo

When you want choices — g-spot, p-spot, hot, cold, thick, thin... — Le Wand's stainless steel dildo is your new plaything. Its curved design allows you to massage multiple erogenous zones, play with texture (thanks to a smooth and rippled sides) and experiment with temperatures. It's also non-porous, waterproof and endlessly durable. Shop it at Lovers, $145.

g-spot vibrator

dual warming g-spot dildo

Kiki Di Montparnasse's 2-in-1 Dual Warming wand doesn't waste an inch of its impressive 8 inches... The longer end heats up for yummy temperature play and the larger head features 8 vibration settings and curves to hit that g-spot. Water-resistant for tub time and a travel pouch for on-the-go Os. Get yours at Kiki, $140.

g-spot dildo

realistic g-spot dildo

If it walks like a dick and talks like a dick...  Adele Brydges' uber-realistic, handmade The Phallus is so gorgeous we're not sure whether we should fuck it or carry it around in a Louie bag. Its porcelain design is weighty, girthy and luxuriously curved to hit g-spots, p-spots and a-spots alike with sleek dexterity. Submerge it, heat it, cool it, pack it in its travel pouch for take-anywhere pleasure. Have yours made at Adele Brydges, $230.

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