by Claire Coghlan, award-winning author, speaker, ghostwriter + writer for New York Times
Los Angeles Times,  Vanity FairVogueVarietyForbesInStyleWomen’s Wear Daily; feminine movement instructor

At Lunatic Femme, we're gathering a soul tribe we're calling Femmenists.


You know you’re a femmenist when… 
you live your truest, purest, most free-flowing, ever-evolving self. 

Infinite in capability. 
Boundless in capacity to love and leave your mark. 

saint arson suicide girls
model: @saint.arson 📸: @colettepark

That unique soul signature that emanates from your deepest depths, unmatched + undeniable. Unearthed each time you slip into that state of flow that is your superpower. 

darling nicki
model: nicole nawaz @nicole_nawaz

So that together — tuned in, turned on — we create a world
that is lit up from within. 
A masterpiece of cosmic brilliance. 
A star, reclaimed. 

jetsetting jasmine
model: jetsetting jasmine @jetsettingjasmine

We see you.
Lunatic Femme. Change maker. World shaker. Moon lover.
Day dreamer. Experience hunter. Freedom igniter.

Dr. Jess
model: Dr. Jess @sexwithdrjess

Free from expectations, stereotypes, limits, labels, judgments, glass ceilings (imposed by self or others). 

best sex coach
model: katie henricks @katiehcoaching

Free from the illusion that you were born to look like, act like, live like anyone else. 

octavia tulip
model: octavia tulip @octaviatulip

Free from the myth that you are not… enough, worthy, wanted, sacred, valued, appreciated, esteemed, loved. 

skye blue
model: skye blue 📸: @colettepark 

You, Femmenist, are made of stardust and mined from that sexual, spiritual + creative current that expresses your soul,

the most precious resource on this planet.

julia haltigan
model: julia haltigan @juliahaltigan


What makes you a Femmenist?