join our tribe of femmenists + unleash your soul

At Lunatic Femme, we're gathering a soul tribe we're calling Femmenists.


You know you’re a femmenist when… 
you live your truest, purest, most free-flowing, ever-evolving self. 

Infinite in capability. 
Boundless in capacity to love and leave your mark. 

femmenist saint arson
babe: @saint.arson 📸: @colettepark

That unique soul signature that emanates from your deepest depths, unmatched + undeniable. Unearthed each time you slip into that state of flow that is your superpower.

femmenist darling nicki

So that together — tuned in, turned on — we create a world 
that is lit up from within. 
A masterpiece of cosmic brilliance. 
A star, reclaimed. 

femmenist jet set jasmine

We see you. 
Lunatic Femme. Change maker. World shaker. Moon lover. 
Day dreamer. Experience hunter. Freedom igniter.

dr jess femmenist

Free from expectations, stereotypes, limits, labels, judgments, glass ceilings (imposed by self or others). 


Free from the illusion that you were born to look like, act like, live like anyone else. 

babe: @octaviatulip

Free from the myth that you are not… enough, worthy, wanted, sacred, valued, appreciated, esteemed, loved. 

femmenist skye blue
babe: @skyeblue 📸 @colettepark

You, Femmenist, 

are made of stardust and mined from that sexual, spiritual + creative current that expresses your soul, 
the most precious resource on this planet.

femmenist octavia tulip
babe: @juliahaltigan

What makes you a Femmenist?

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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