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Sometimes life calls for a little extra mind power and mojo to gets us through. That’s when we love to channel our inner Beyoncé and that “who the fvck do you think I am” fearless mindset. If you find yourself in the need of some instant badass-ness, try on these questions to remind yourself what you’re up to and how unstoppable you truly are. 


questions to ask luxury lingerie power mindset

Did I come this far to only get this far?

We’re not sure who came up with this light-your-a$$-up gem (some say Tom Brady…) but it works when you’re reaching for something and thissss close to the finish line. Think of yourself like the athletes who muster up strength for their best performance when they’re already exhausted and channel that push to shift your mindset

Who am I, where did I come from… what did it take to get here? 

Okay, that’s three questions, but you get the idea. When you need to ignite a little fight in you, remind yourself of what you’ve already overcome to get to where you are. Even Jennifer Lopez doesn’t let herself get too far from her Jenny from the block roots. Use what you’ve got, too.  

Remember that time I thought I was done….? 

Silly, right? You got right back up again. Not a scratch. This time is no different.

Know that quote, this too shall pass? 

The guts, the glory, all of it’s just experience you’re gathering. Be the fiercest experience gatherer you can imagine. When you reframe to the positive, you stay focused on hunting down discovery rather than worrying about the unknown.

What’s my alter ego’s name?

Beyoncé has Sasha Fierce. What’s yours? If you’re feeling stuck, afraid or in need of some instant b*lls, put her on the job and watch her fly.

questions to ask luxury lingerie
questions to ask luxury lingerie power mindset
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What song ignites that fire in me, to move, to experiment, to discover, to work my ass off…? 

If you don’t have a go-to hype song, try on some new ones. Are you motivated by male or female voices? What genre does it for you? You might need different options for different situations so make a playlist and change it up often. 

Can I actually remember the last time I failed? 

Who does, right?

What would I do if I erased all the stories in my head? 

All of the negative self-talk and criticism that plays in our head isn’t real unless we let it be. “I can’t…” “I’ve failed before…” “I’m too [insert self-criticism here]”... If those sound familiar, erase them from your mental vocabulary. You’re the only one with the power to manifest them or let them go. What feels better?

What’s the worst that could happen?

Let’s be real. You might feel embarrassed? Vulnerable? Foolish? Messy? Is that really so bad it's worth making yourself small? We vote no.

Am I willing to give up on myself or would I rather be my own hype woman?

Imagine if you didn’t do the one thing you’re up for right now? Would you rather live with the regret or take a shot on you for you?

What if no one knows it’s me? 

If you’re up for a challenge, tough conversation, something outside your comfort zone… pretend you’re anonymous. No one knows you. It’s like you’re wearing an invisible robe. Give yourself complete permission to go there. 

questions to ask luxury lingerie

Is my dream really worth that little to me? 

If you’re not willing to walk through fire for your goals, do you really want them?

Who can I lean on to help me shift?

Finding your own tribe to remind you what you’re up to and up for can help you get into your zone when you can’t shake indecision, fear or anxiety.

If this was my last day on earth, wouldn’t I give it all I’ve got?

No apologies? Zero fvcks? (Yes!)

What are my power wins?

Did you ace an exam? Do something for someone that lit them up? Have you landed a workout goal? Channel the feeling of that win, that runner’s high, to fuel you in this moment. Trust us, it feels damn good.

Is it possible that the thing I’m most embarrassed about is what makes me iconic?

Think, JLo’s booty, Sophia Loren’s nose, Freddie Mercury’s teeth. What makes you unforgettable?

What would [insert your icon here] do? 

Take inspiration from the people who push it everyday to make their dreams come true, whether they’re famous or not. Channel that energy, take their advice, mimic their approach (if it fits) and take similar steps for yourself.

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Remember, the difference between fear and excitement is breath. 

Take a deep breath, and go for it… feel the fear turn to a rush.

What if my brain doesn’t know the difference between practicing a win and experiencing a real win? 

(Spoiler alert: it doesn’t!) Studies show that imagining yourself overcoming challenges, realizing a goal, manifesting a dream releases the same brain chemicals as actually doing it. Practice imagining yourself doing the one thing you need that “Who the fvck do you think I am” mindset to achieve and you’ll find yourself less nervous and more poised for success in the moment.

What am I proud of? 

Write it all down and, yes, include the “minutiae.” Even if you have to read that list aloud to yourself to get into that winning mindset, do it. A lot.   

Have I ever hit rock bottom and stayed there? 

Probably not. Failures are just teachers. And when you shift your mindset to thinking of “mistakes” as progress, you free yourself to move on.

BONUS: What’s my power outfit?

Whether it’s a kick-ass set of thigh-high boots, a black bustier that flaunts your curves or a fvck-off garter belt no one can see but you, wear it like a cape and the second you put it on, you light up your superpower.

Share what questions to ask ourselves to get in that pre-game, "I got this" mindset?

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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