We know what you're thinking: what the fvck, it's not the new year, I don't have time to be a new me. This isn't that kind of challenge. We've got 30 juicy, pleasure-filled ideas below that can help you ignite a little something new between the sheets (or wherever you get your fvck on). Bring your own experience level to the party and adjust the prompts to fit where you are on your journey and in your day-to-day life.
Test-drive one, two or all of the prompts below to see what you can unleash and if you’re too shy to try anything, you can always give it a shot and blame it on the challenge. If you're already living a pretty juicy sex life, find places to mix up your routine.
Disclaimer: We can't guarantee you'll weigh less, be a better human or live your best life, but fingers crossed (and legs uncrossed ;), you'll have a fvck-ton of fun along the way.... xxx

30 day sex challenge, self-discovery, live your best life

Book an hour with your favorite client: YOU.
No devices, no phones, no distractions, other than your hands, feet, eyes, senses, etc. Get intimate with your body and explore new things it likes.
Start a yoni egg practice.
While the jury is still out on the scientific evidence, there’s no denying the sensual pleasure of sliding a healing crystal in your personal temple for a boost in libido, orgasm, muscle strength and, let’s be honest, fun.
Explore some porn.
We’re into sex-positive, storytelling porn, like the juicy work of
Erika Lust. If videos aren’t your thing, explore blogs, magazines, coffee table books or erotic lit to find something new what turns you on.
Become your own pin-up.
Dress up in your favorite erotica gear — or nothing at all — and take some artistic, avante-garde snaps of you at your most sensual and smoking hot. Then, drink in all that gorgeousness....
body jewelry, boudoir photography, sexy pictures
Hone your erotic ear.
Find what songs, poems, literature, guided meditations whet your appetite and get your juices flowing.
Go down the IG (rabbit) hole.
Follow hashtags, sex therapists, sex poets (read: noopface), sex positive enthusiasts. Having their messages, inspo and imagery pop into your feed throughout the day will help inspire your own juicy fantasies.
Got lube?
Slick up yourself, your lover, your tools with new varieties until you find a new favorite. This exercise is about the journey, not the destination.
Create your own 7-day panties challenge.
Wear a completely different style every day and expand your lingerie palette…. Thongs, cheekies, high-waisted, g-strings, briefs with your mantra printed on the ass, no panties at all... Keep the challenge going till you zero in on the specific style that drives your body wild.
Think outside the vibrator.
There’s world of sex toys out there from couples massagers and strap ons to cock rings to anal plugs. Stretching your boundaries can keep life lusty, even if it’s just swapping out your current vibrator for a new model.
Tie yourself up.
Cuffs, tethers, ribbons… wrap them around ankles, thighs, arms, necks (gentle of course), your ass, and see what new pleasure points respond to pressure. Bonus points if you partner up for play.
role play, sex adventure, tie yourself up
Learn the art of erotic foot massage.
Your feet are filled with reflexology magic that can target erogenous zones throughout the body. It’s worth squeezing in 10 minutes (a day, a week….) to unlock what areas ignite you… and while you’re getting up to speed, the simple act of a foot rub will de-stress you at the end of the day.
 Re-position your routine.
All the hail the missionary style — when it’s good, it’s good, but new faves are worth a shot. If you’re short on ideas, open the Kama Sutra to any page and give a different position a whirl. Pro tip: Stretch those hamstrings first.
Tease your nose.
Yes, that nose. Switch up your everyday fragrance and notice how catching a whiff of an unexpected scent elicits a delightful, teasing surprise. After all, surprise is the secret to sizzling sex.
Uncover scent-ual sex.
Build on yesterday’s olfactory challenge and plan a perfume tasting. Explore which notes specifically arouse your senses — or maybe there’s a symphony of scent that wants to be played out, one body part at a time. See if your partner can find them all.
Put the fun back in bathtime.
Awaken your childlike, playful side by making tub time a world of discovery, fun, giggles, tease and delight. Think, toys, bubbles, games, splish-splash…. And maybe some company…
take a bath, bath time fun
Take a cue from cinema’s most erotic scenes.
Michele Pfeiffer’s wrist reveal in Age of Innocence, that tango dance scene in Scent of a Woman, when Diane Lane locks eyes with Olivier Martinez in Unfaithful... Go on youtube and take a trip down erotic lane to see what lights your fire.
Play with energy.
Focusing on your connect to yourself, your toys, your partners can lead to deeper, richer, more intimate sex play. For starters, try this energetic trick for full-body orgasms from energy worker, Jamie Butler.
Use your breath.
Holding your breath during sex can stop the flow of energy (and obviously oxygen) and inhibit pleasure and orgasms. Taking deep belly breaths can boost with stamina, heighten your O's and extend their ripples through your body.
Get worked up.
It’s not just your imagination that you feel hornier after a bout of exercise. Scientists concur there’s a link between exercise and a boost in genital arousal in women. We think it's science worth testing yourself. Plus, doesn’t it just always feel good to move your body? And then, move your body?
Make the first move.
If your partner is usually the initiator, surprise them (and you!) by taking control. Or, if you’re usually the one in the lead role, play in a more passive, receptive place… and see what other flavors you uncover. If nothing else, the tension will drive you mad (with pleasure).
Find a new magic hour.
Do you always bang one out in the morning? Are you a Saturday night sex queen? Challenge your circadian rhythms by exploring different times a day… middle of the night, a replacement to your afternoon coffee, post-workout.
Nail a new aphrodisiac.
Whether it’s food (raw chocolate, anyone?), spirits (champs or whiskey, your choice), a scent (jasmine, rose, vanilla…). Invite yourself to explore something sensorial and arousing every day.
Fvck with your head.
Disrupt your patterns (and pleasure) by switching things up. Incorporate a new piece of lingerie, change soundtracks, adjust the lighting, seduce your partner in a whole new way, christen a new part of your house, your car, your backyard....
Discover your fetish.
High heels? Thigh-highs? Elbow-length gloves? Corsets? Chokers? Whips? Wrist cuffs? Body chains? Find the kink that revs
your engine. 
Book a night in someone else’s bed…
Staying at a hotel is literally escapism. Use it as an excuse to do something else, be someone else, get messy. Give yourself permission to discover. If nothing else, hotel sex is some of the best sex.
Do something that scares the shit out of you.
Try the thing you’ve always wanted to try but were too afraid. What’s the worst that could happen? It's like we always says, keep calm and carry a safe word.

Plan a sex-cation.
Whether it’s a vacation or a stay-cation, you’ll be amazed at what a little downtime can whip up, especially when the theme is pleasure and the dress code is optional.
Role play.
Clothes, makeup, hair, voice, talk, tone…. Discover what it’s like to play in someone else’s shoes…. Uncover something new about yourself by pretending to be someone else….
Say what's on your mind.
All those lustful fantasies playing out in your head? Whisper them aloud to yourself, your partner. Say aloud what you want, you need, you crave. Bonus points if you act them out. Double bonus if you can get your partner in on the verbal action.
The obvious reason is that fvckmaking is supposed to be fun. Smiling, laughing, playing not only increases intimacy, but can help you ride out the awkward moments when you're test-driving a new partner, position or experience. 
What other juicy adventures are you adding to your sex challenge?👇💋