how much delicious, juicy, fuck-off pleasure can you pack in 10 minutes?

Finding 10 minutes of free time seems like a pipe dream, but carving out bits of time each day for deliciously self-serving pleasure helps create a lusty life. We've got a few ideas for those surprise times when a quick break lands on your calendar or, if you're an advanced practitioner of pleasure, you can book time for yourself each day for some yumminess. Trust us, once you start deep-diving into bliss, the more you'll start to look forward it. Your 10-minute countdown starts now.


Grab a backseat

quickie (preferably if parked in a garage unless you’re looking for a paparazzi drone moment).

Reset with some breathing techniques.  

Cue the dance party — okay, not a full-on fete, but getting your body moving will boost your mood, endorphins, energy levels. P.S. it’s fucking fun. 


 Put on a quick beauty mask (for face, feet or hands) for a mini spa break.

Message the friend(s) you’ve been too busy to reach out to tell them you’re thinking of them. 

Call home. Not sexy but important (and you've got a deadline to get off the phone).

pleasure pre-roll, smoke a joint, thc

Roll yourself some medicinal smoke for later. We love Car Sex herbal blend or if THC is legal where you are, Lowell Smokes Creative pre-rolls get you in the flow fast.

Pound out a few rounds of Kegel exercises. Spend the next 8 minutes fantasizing how you’ll use your skills and primed v later that day. 

Get your fix of D. We mean vitamin D, but the other works, too. Both do a bang up job on delivering health benefits including boosting immunity, heart health and energy levels. 

Test drive your new massager. Don’t have one? Get on it.


Discover a new cocktail recipe. Try a new spirit, brand or recipe to switch up your buzz. 

Give yourself a pass. Whatever you've been way too hard on yourself for, let it go. Forgive, forget, move on. Breathe it out, till it's gone.

lingerie black beauty pleasure

 Make a playlist of pleasure songs. Whether you love fast-paced pop songs or slow, lusty beats, create something uniquely you. If you’ve got one already, cue that bitch up and chill for 10 minutes.

Throw an impromptu virtual party — spontaneity is queen when it comes to living a wild life. Toss out a last-minute invite to connect and see who bites… 

Marinate some fruit for cocktails later. Think classic combos like whiskey and cherries or brandy and oranges, or innovate. Feed yourself or your lover when the pleasure clock strikes 5 pm somewhere, anywhere, now.


Video chat. Pick the person, the topic, the dress code (if any), set the timer for 10 minutes.

Take a chance. Only you know what that is for you. A call, a text, an invite, a pitch, a post, a compliment, an apology, a lottery ticket...

Do something you’ve procrastinated, preferably something you dread, to get it outta your head and free your mind. 

Close your eyes and wake yourself up in 10 minutes. Nap permission granted. 

Mist your space and sheets and self in essential oil sprays to shift into a lusty mood. Then you’ve got 9 minutes to seriously fvck off.

Do fucking nothing. Stare outside, sit in hammock, find shape in clouds. This mental reset does wonders for your soul, your imagination and your POV. 

Set a 10-minute timer and list all the things about yourself you’re proud of, from the littlest thing (you didn’t hit the snooze button) to the biggest (you landed a big client or a new sex position or an impossible pole trick). Read it till your beauty sinks in. 


We'd love to hear what you like to do after you set the pleasure timer... 👇💋

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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