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When your head space is spent on worry, stress, negativity or fear, there’s no room left for all the juiciness that keeps you thriving. Sure, turning off the noise isn't always as easy as the experts say it is, but we've listed a few things that aren't worth your mind time, because your mental energy won't change their outcome. And when you let what works against you go, you have so much space for the deliciousness in life. (In other words, would you rather bang out another orgasm or spend 30 minutes stressing over some bullshit thing someone did to you yesterday?). Here are a few things to stop worrying about now, and instead swap them out for all the self-love, hope, possibility, positive vibes and whatever else turns you on... 


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things (people, situations…) you can’t control. 

Seriously, what’s the point? Trade worry for tactics, strategies and everyday steps that you can own, now you’re thinking. 





Fretting over unknown b.s. that *might* go down the next day isn't just bad for your health — it increases blood pressure, lowers your sex drive, creates a host of physical issues — it also prevents you from enjoying the moments you're in and taking action on your behalf.  




one minute from now.

See above. 

Plus, stirring in stress, anxiety or what if's stops the sexual, sensual and creative flow that comes when you're open and ready for nothing but the sexiest, more orgasmic possibilities life has for you.




the unknown. 

This is where dreams (and play and peace of mind) go to die. Instead of worry, find a way to be excited about the possibilities that await for you. The more you envision the positive (and take steps toward that vision), the greater the likelihood that you'll manifest a juicy, yummy future.

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the outcome 

Things worth your time and head space? The steps you take and your mindset in the moments on the journey. If you play your best game, you get your best outcome. 





There's no such thing unless you let your mind believe it. Setbacks, mishaps and "mistakes" are opportunities to rethink, revise, rework your magic





Like failure, this isn't real. Perfection is a moving target and often subjective. 




what someone thinks about you

Are they attracted to me? Do they like X, Y or Z about me? Did I do something to [anger, irritate, turn off…] them? Your opinion of you matters most.

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what someone else will do

Unless you’re in a heated chess match or [insert battle scenario here], don’t waste your time wondering about another person’s actions. You can’t control them so don’t let them control your head space. Instead, focus on what you’re in charge of so you stay in charge of your mind-time and life.





It's in the past. Let it stay there. If you're dealing with the aftermath, focus on the present moment and what you can fix versus the situation that led you here. 




pressure to be something you're not 

It's your journey, your way, your timeframe. 




other people's expectations

What works for them doesn't necessarily work for you, your life, your success. Only you know your True North, your standards, your level of excellence so let that be your guide. 




second-guessing yourself 

Have confidence in your decisions. If it turns out that another choice might've worked better for you, let that be a lesson, not a punishment or hit on your self-worth




social media envy  

Don't fall for the smoke + mirrors in influencer feeds. Comparing yourself to someone else or feeling bad because you're not living a certain lifestyle keeps you mired in negativity. (And in case you haven't heard, these lifestyles aren't exactly what you see.) 


What mental habits are you trading for self-love


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