supercharge self-discovery for better sex, love, passion

Hey hottie, we’d love for you to get to know you better…  Because the more you know you and what rocks your world,
the more world you can rock.

To help break the creative ice, we’ve got some provocative little self-discovery prompts for you to use whether you journal, meditate, vision board or just plain stare out the window and ponder. (Feel free to change them to what resonates with your sexual journey, personality + mood.) Now let’s peel that damn onion... 




What’s your favorite pick-up line… (to give or take)? 

Don’t have one? Maybe test-drive a few just for kicks. If you've got a partner, try on some new role play.


What gets you to swipe right… on anything? 

What makes you lean in? Take notice? Hunger a little more? Start noticing what drives you and bonus points if you can ID whether they motivate you out of passion and lust or out of habit?


What’s your porn name? 

And call yourself by it all damn day. Yup, you will speak of yourself in the third person, all day. Our favorite name generators… street you grew up on, food you just ate, your most delicious body part, favorite fabric, state you love to vacation in (Cookie Nevada, anyone?). 


What’s the one thing you’re fucking amazing at in the bedroom? 

Think outside the *box*... do you have the stamina of an Olympian? Are you super bendy? Are you deliciously curious or fearless? Are you savagely hungry? Can you talk dirty with the best of them? Is your kissing technique straight outta the Valley? Can your kegels make grown men (or strap-ons) cry? Do you like to play? Get kinky? Be sensual? Be meditative? Harness it, practice it, let yourself be fucking proud.


What is your yummiest, sexiest, most yoni-rocking fantasy? 

If you can’t think of one, get your sweet ass on it. Does it involve a public place? Toys? Seventeen orgasms and stranger or three from your cycling class? Tape, ties, rope, leather, fabric, lace, lingerie?


How can you think outside the missionary style? 

You don’t have to land every kama sutra pose in the book to stretch your boundaries a little bit every time you hit the sheets. Look for opportunities to break up your routine or habits. Introduce a new toy. Make foreplay last wayyyy too long. Shake up a different room, piece of furniture or item of clothing. Test-drive asking for even more from your partner. Reach for the classics: (organic) whipped cream, anyone? 



What's your lingerie style?

Soft cotton? Virginal white? Pussy red? All of the above? Discover your personal sweet spot, your unique style, that dials up your hunger. Maybe there’s one for every day of the week? Maybe it changes with the seasons? Uncover what makes you feel insanely delicious from the inside out.


What would [X icon] do, wear, be? 

Make yourself the hero/heroine of your own life. Take your favorite movie or book plot, put yourself in the starring role and rewrite the script of your life. How do you carry yourself? Who’s standing beside you (or lying underneath you or bending you over to smack that ass.... but we digress)? How do you walk, talk, eat, dress….. Use this to visualize


Does what you’ve been doing really make you feel juicy and alive? 

We all change by the minute, hour and day, let alone by the year. It’s likely that what’s worked for in the past might not fit who you are today. Really interrogate your sex routines and look for places you might be bored. Routine is the killer of discovery. PS it’s also good for the “plasticity” of your brain to mix it up. See, it’s not sex, it’s science.


Have you debriefed your partner?

What do they find sexiest about you? What do they want to explore? What are their fantasies? Let them take the driver’s seat and see where their discovery takes you.


How can I make myself feel yummy alive and passionate every fvcking day?

Do you love black towels, vetiver candles, musk perfume, silk sheets, lace bathrobes, garter belts, yoni eggs for breakfast, champagne for lunch, jazz while you work, yoga in your skimpiest bra and panties, coffee on your stoop as you watch the world go by? Fill your life with the sexiest little moments and your whole fucking life becomes deliciously sexy.


Is your fuck bed ready for play? 

If not, change the sheets. Yes, we mean, literally. Get new ones. Different color, different texture, different scent… wake up tomorrow feeling a totally different mood. See how many delicious vibes you can wake up in this one ever unfolding life.

How do you experiment with self-discovery? What prompts work for you? Drop your inspo in the comments section.

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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