know your worth + you'll always be wealthy

By now, we should be on a mission to celebrate our worth, know our value and live our truth, but some days it’s hard to make a mantra mean more than words. We all know why… social media, norms, unrealistic expectations [insert societal pressure here]. That’s why we rounded up a few of our favorite reality checks that help us remind us that we are unstoppable when we keep our goals in check and our focus tight.
Because once you know your worth, no one can make you feel less than abundantly, deliciously, endlessly rich.

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Read our mental shifters and add your own below. 

Even models are airbrushed

The most beautiful faces in the world say they don’t wake up looking like they do in fashion ads, on editorial spreads or behind filters. Don’t expect “perfection” — it’s all subjective and it’s not real. 

It’s all about the lighting. 

There’s a reason celebrities and movie stars know their best angles, their best lighting, their best shots… because a team of professionals has figured it out for them. That’s why they always get the money shot.

Celebs have teams. 

Hair and makeup. And the nutritionist, the personal trainer, the life coach, the agent, the manager, the esthetician, the publicist, social media manager.... Look how good you’re doing with your team of 1. 

You have superpowers, focus on them.

Instead of zeroing in your flaws, shift your eyes to your assets, your skills, your talents. Find those bits you love the most and feast your eyes on them right now. Yummy, right?

It's not you, it's [X]. 

Why are you questioning your worth? Is it the people around you or the situation you’re in? Sometimes it’s your surroundings giving you anxiety or making you feel small. Check in and get a reality check. Move in places and with people that hold you in your greatness.

What if beauty was a decision, like happiness? 

What if you decided, right now, that you’re beautiful, inside and out. And you act like it. Watch the world turn.

It's easy to shift when you focus on the "fix" not the issue. 

What do you feel is missing that would make you feel better? If you want larger breasts, put on a push-up bra. A thinner waist? A corset. Feel sexier by day? Hide (or don’t hide) a lace bodysuit or some insanely hot stockings under your work gear. Find little ways to celebrate your sexiness so that mindset is an easy lever to pull when you need it. 

know your worth

You’re closer than you think. 

Just because you’re not where you want to be doesn’t you’re not further than you were yesterday… micro-wins are still wins. 

You’re too good to treat yourself less than amazing. 

Plus, would you put up with someone speaking to you the way you speak to yourself?

Self-judgment is like poison. 

All that negativity, stress and self-criticism keeps you in a negative state and acts like a toxin in your body. Just don’t do it.

Every one of your wins deserves a shout out to yourself. 

Did you nail your To Do list? Did you reach out to a friend who needed you? You don’t need to win an Olympic gold medal to deserve a little recognition. Plus does your brain really know the difference between a big celebration and a little one. Feel yourself winning and you are.

You are as hot as you feel. 

Remember yesterday, or whenever you last went to the supermarket slash farmer’s market, and that sexy thing in aisle 4 turned and gave you that look… and you caught them? Yeah. They were checking you out, gorgeous. Yes, you’re just that hot.

Life changes in an instant. 

If you’re not where you want to be now, remember that what’s true in this moment might not be true the next. Stay focused on your goals, immersed in pleasure and open to possibilities at all times then watch abundance come your way.

BONUS: your worth is so many things.

How do you celebrate your worth? And how do you shift your mindset when you're feeling small?

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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