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Lunatic Femme's whole mantra is that you’re not one thing, your lingerie shouldn’t be either. That’s because when you’re in your flow, expressing your soul however it looks like in the moment, that’s your superpower. And that’s why you need pieces — like our infinitely wearable butterfly waist cincher — that move in that rhythm with you, energetically, emotionally, spiritually and sexually. Our bodies are so charged and so sacred. We love building that duality, that tension, into all our pieces. Kinda like offering both the poison and the antidote, in silk and lace. Take our necks, for example. Who doesn’t know how it feels to be silenced, or to stick your neck out only to get it *chopped* off. Our choker can be worn as both protection and a massive f.u. by way of taking life by the throat and living it full throttle.  When it comes to our waist cincher, there’s a reason we called it the butterfly. We believe it not only changes with you, it has the power to help you shift into who you want to be moment by moment. Here are some ideas for exploring the transformational power of playing with this multitasking superstar.

our waist cincher  

as a channel 

Our bodies are wise beyond measure. So one day your flow might be emanating from the sacral chakra; the next, it might be all about the throat chakra. Our multitasking pieces can up the energetic charge, wherever you need it, wherever you want it, wherever your body desires. Because she’s always got her reasons for wanting what she wants. And this sexy cincher can help her get there.

woman wearing collar necklace

our waist cincher

as your power source  

Think styling this stunner as a waist cincher when you want to highlight your waist or bathe her in silk, lace and metal. Silk string ties can be worn on the side drape down and tickle your thighs (below right) or silk ties can be styled at the front (below left) and graze past your belly button to your pelvis

women in waist cincher
woman in waist cincher

Because your sacral chakra represents sexual power, self-expression and creativity, we love using this stunning waist cincher in ways that harness all that juicy fire. Not to mention, this area can be such a trigger for us, so if that resonates, why not take back control of society’s gaze by using compression, adornment and celebration versus society’s take on what your waist should look like. 


our waist cincher

as your voice

Because we love some titillation... leavers lace looks gorgeous, but it feels even more delicious when tickling the bare skin of your neck. We’re told to dread tech neck, double chins and genetics, but instead, let's embrace the power of adding a choker to convey the strength and power of that beautiful stretch of skin that represents how you speak, stand up and show up for yourself in the world. Style our cincher as a collar to amplify or protect your voice, or wear to signal to your lover that you're up for some submissive play.

waist cincher as neck choker

our waist cincher
as your mojo

We love wearing this waist-cinching stunner just below the breasts and above the waist for a strapless bustier look when worn alone or as a complete bustier look when paired our rider balconette bra or our inquisitor demi lace bra. It's no surprise that this sexy AF styling twist hits right at the solar plexus third chakra, your fiercest source of transformation, self-esteem and that kickass warrior mojo. Plus, a cincher-turned-bustier is just sexy AF.

neck choker
neck choker

our waist cincher

as your unique expression

Our 1 convertible, multi-way waist cincher turns into 2 collar-chokers, just begging you to get creative with the other one. Tie the other cincher around a partner’s neck? Use it as an arm cuff? An ankle cuff? A thigh cuff? Or keep your neck bare and style both halves around the necks of two play dates. Hey, you're the boss.

our waist cincher  

as a heart opener 

What better way to send luscious, lusty energy through that gorgeous heart of yours than soothing, seducing or spotlighting your assets. From flirty and playful to naughty and fierce, your cincher can be styled as a bandeau with lace in front for that just-enough-skin tease or on the sides for more romance. The extra-long silk ties are there for play... to wrap around your neck, your waist, your chest, whatever you feel in the moment.

waist cincher

our waist cincher

as a game-changer

Once, in a feminine empowerment class, we were told to write an ode to the part of our body we liked the least (ok, so maybe even *hated*). It worked brilliantly. However, recently a client told us how wearing our waist cincher changed her relationship with her tummy in a visceral and cellular level, not just on a cerebral level. The tug and the tickle, the cinch and the pinch, the acknowledgment, the decadence, the reverence made her forever revere her tummy. In her words? Game-changing.

How do you play with your waist cincher? Share + inspire your fellow femmenists. 

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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waist cincher images:
power source: playboy model + muse @skyebluehatesu in waist cincher with ties at side 📸: @colettepark
heart: @jadee_malia in waist cincher styled as a bandeau top 📸: @ggrraasss

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