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Lighting your fire back up after it's dimmed can be as fast and effortless as flipping a switch especially when you're armed with your juiciest, sexiest hacks. We've listed 27 of our yummiest fire starters to help you shift your mindset, while kickstarting your creative and sexual flow again. Check out these turn-ons + light your own fire.

Take a toke break.

Weed will get those creative juices flowing in no time. (Keep it legal.) Pair your J with a vinyl or a quickie for a serious uptick in creativity. 

Take a shower.

A cold one, if you dare. If not, alternate between hot and cold. Get that circulation going and don't forget that waterproof sex toy. Bonus points if you’re joined by a lover. Double bonus if you leave them outside the door and give them a play-by-play of your solo activities. 

Flip upside down.

Simple yoga poses from handstands to headstands increase both blood flow to brain and mental focus. Not a yogi? No problem. Straddle your legs wide apart and reach your arms to the ground. Hang out there for a couple minutes. Pro tip: this is also a sex position so no guaranteeing you’ll finish that report but you might finish off yourself or someone else.

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Take a stroke break.  

Orgasms are the body’s triple-shot of espresso. Maybe you won’t hit that g-spot in 3 minutes (or maybe you will) but that clit sucker is built for times like this.


3 minutes of visualization, aka day dreaming or manifestation, not only keeps your mind on the prize, but it keeps those juices flowing. If you're lucky, you'll come up even more ideas for your sex bucket lists, like all the ways you can wear our Scorpion collar necklace while tying up your favorite playdate. 

Doodle nudes.

Harvard research shows that a quick doodling sesh can give your brain enough of a break to open up memory, add new ideas and fill in info gaps. Sadly the researchers didn’t actually study nude sketches but we can’t help but think a page full of cock and balls doodles has to light that creative fire.

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Book a play date.

Your bestie, your lover, your lover's lover. The more play time you give yourself, the more you open up creativity. Wear lingerie for infinite ways to play ;) 

Elevate your vibes.

Create a list of instant bliss makers from the small to big and turn to it whenever you need a lift to turn on your mood. 

Nibble some chocolate.  

Seriously, cacao is packed with good-mood-boosters, brain enhancers and other cognitive benefits — that’s why high performers, innovators and super achievers use that as performance hack (or it's just a damn good excuse to eat chocolate). Just make sure it’s 75 to 85% cacao and low in sugar which can kill your buzz. 

Snag a 7-second hug.

That’s the amount of time hug researchers found it takes for bodies to release oxytocin, aka the love hormone, which calms, de-stresses and connects. Some ground rules: get consent, don’t be pervy (unless that’s what you both want).   

Open a window. 

Feel the fresh breeze against your cheeks. Exhilarating, right?  

Send a lover a dirty text.

Is there a better way to up your arousal. stir creativity and turn on your sexiest lover (aka you)? We dare you to get naughtier, more playful, more explicit. Need inspo? We got you with free, downloadable, ready-to-send dirty texts? Send them one plus a peek at you in our sexy AF silk kimono robe or bustier with cups half unzipped.


Break in your furniture. 

Changing up your physical surroundings can open up creativity by literally switching your POV. Work in a new spot at the office, fuck in a new spot at home. Potentially vice versa.

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Feel the sun on your face.

Vitamin D is an instant immune-boosting mood lifter. Some sex experts say pussy bathing in the sun is just as much of a turn on

Burn those muscles.

Hold a pose for as long as you can… a plank, a squat, a lunge… to increase blood flow, up energy levels and exhaust that muscle until you feel a release. Body movement coaches use this trick to get you out of your head and into your sensual flow. 


We’re big advocates of the beach or pillow scream. That deep, carnal, straight-from-the depths-of-you release. Fact: You can also get that soul-level, emotion-releasing scream from a cervical or g-spot orgasm but it might take more than 3 minutes. We say, give it a whirl. 

Break something.  

Smash a glass, break a plate, annihilate a boxing bag to get the adrenaline pumping, the blood flowing and any anger, stress or frustration out of you. Pro tip: If you’re going to break glass, put it in a bag before crushing it (safety first, after all). 

Ask what it would take... 

to make what you're doing more fun, playful, sexy, arousing, titillating, creative, then do that thing. (Yes, it can really be that easy.) 

Wake up your heart. 

Break out some jumping jacks. Grab the skipping rope. Get your heart rate up. Feel it pounding in your chest. Let your body's endorphins do the rest. 

Wake up your heart again. 

Text someone a little love bomb. It feels fucking amazing light up someone else (and turn on yourself at the same time).

Photo dump! 

Pull up photos of you doing something you love. Revel in the joy written all over your face. Feel it. Linger in that feeling as long as you can. Bliss is the money shot of creativity Need more inspo? Hit up that vision board for a reminder of what’s in you. No photos you love? Time for a selfie-shoot in some new lingerie that instantly turns you on.

Pull out your success list. 

Like your bliss-makers list, have a list of your greatest hits, career and personal, so you can refer to it anytime you need reminding you’re a rock star, baddie, queen, all the things.  

Pull out your sexual turn-ons list.

Keeping a journal or list of your juiciest desires, wants, fantasies is like a mini book of "you erotica." Read through it whenever you want that sensual or creative flow ignited. Or add a few more lines to a fantasy you've already written to kickstart your imagination. 



Where you are. Whatever it is, just begin. Do something. Take one action. Create power and momentum in one step. (Yes, reading this counts.) Feels better already, right? 

Wear your sexiness.  

What makes you feel alive and turned on? A fuck-off choker, vampy red lipstick, ink-black eye liner, thigh-high dom boots, a plush AF feather boa, a literal crown… Whatever lights your spark, wear it, rock it, own it. Just make sure you’re off-camera for your next meeting. Or on, if you’re DTF ;) 

Lube up.

Grab your fave CBD oil, sex serum or lube and gift your body a luxurious mini massage. Back of thighs, collarbone, breasts, booty… even just 30 seconds on each spot can light up your skin, your senses and your energy.

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Got some ways to re-ignite that spark and kickstart those turn ons? Share in the comments.

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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