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 It's true at Lunatic Femme, we're obsessed with how many ways you can wear our pieces but we're on a mission to rock your soul down to the cellular level... to touch, to play, to ignite. This feedback below tells us you might enjoy the obsession, too.

silk kimono
silk kimono

@octaviatulip in lunatic femme's stroke of midnight kimono + flatiron body harness

"I can authentically sing the praises of your work. It aligns with so many of my own values with sustainable and slow fashion. The endless restyling I think makes it so much more sustainable than any one product that is made out of whatever sustainable fabric."

@octaviatulip (they/he/she/xe) model, stylist, designer

"I wear the Scorpion Choker literally everywhere and constantly get compliments about how sexy it looks... and it feels sexy."

— T.W., Los Angeles

"I love wearing the waist cincher under sheer dresses so it adds a little more mystery. You can't tell if it's a sexy part of the dress or something you have to work to get to."

— M.A.W., San Diego
lunatic femme
sexy AF sex coach katie henricks in our scorpion collar-necklace
and butterfly waist cincher-corset-bustier-top (worn as a top)

“When I tell you, I feel like the sassiest bitch in this little silk choker. It’s like little bo peep meets my Dom.”

“I love this bodysuit because it’s so versatile with so many options to play with. This is probably the most luxe, high-quality piece I own now. And it is HOT HOT HOT! 

— @Katiecoaching, sex, relationship + intimacy coach

“The quality is just so gorgeous. Even all of the hardware. It’s adjustable, it’s layerable, you can change a whole bunch of ways that you wear it.” 

—  @Sexwithdrjess, sexologist + relationship expert

“Lunatic Femme makes pieces that are converted and styled to each person's taste. One of their goals is to emphasize that we are not only one thing and when they asked me to help exemplify that, I was honored!”

— superwoman, singer + creator Julia Haltigan rocks our scorpion collar-necklace

lunatic femme

“You can wear it around your waist, or like this (on bust) if you have small boobs. Very beautiful. I really love this [waist cincher]."

“Lunatic Femme brought the sexy back.”

—  @Fruitandflower

"I want to secretly wear this waist harness everywhere under my clothes. It makes me feel like such a badass."

— R.S. San Diego

“I can’t believe I just won this gorgeous robe from lunatic femme. Check out their beautiful, ethical, silk lingerie. What a magical Valentine’s Day treat!"


"I normally don't love how my stomach looks so I don't wear things that draw attention there, but this [lingerie] harness feels so good on and looks so sexy, I just want to wear it and touch it."

— S.P., Los Angeles

“Go follow lunatic femme if you love badass, women-owned businesses who prioritize pleasure.”


What Lunatic Femme pieces will rock your soul? 👇💋 

cover 📸: @octaviatulip

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