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If sexual satisfaction is more mental than physical (that's according to researchers at USC and Yale, btw), then why not boost your brain power and get your mind more involved in your sex game? We've got a handful of lusty book recos below ranging from erotica to sex guides to science-backed advice to get your gray matter better wired for yummier bedroom experiences. Whether you're learning or unlearning, these bestselling authors, sexologists and sex educators will leave you with more skills, better breath work, stronger communication, juicier, deeper orgasms and whole lot fvcking more. We recommend reading in a hot bubble bath with some good (high-speed waterproof) vibes and candlelight.


Magnificent Sex: Lessons from Extraordinary Lovers by Peggy Kleinplatz, PhD, and A. Dana Ménard, PhD. Because we all need proof points and roadmaps for how to have extraordinary sex (that gets better over time) from couples, singles, monogamists, non-monogamists, straight and LGBTQ lovers, and those who like it vanilla and those who like it with a side of kink.

The Ultimate Guide to Seduction & Foreplay: Techniques and Strategies for Mind-Blowing Sex by Jessica O'Reilly, PhD and Marla Renee Stewart. Because we can always use new techniques for erotic touch, oral skills, kinky seduction, full-body orgasms, foreplay games and more, more, more. No spoilers here. Buy the book.

New Erotica for Feminists by Caitlin KunkelBrooke PrestonFiona TaylorCarrie Wittmer. Because they say you should laugh during sex, try this tongue-in-cheek (or wherever you like it) erotica that gets you hot as it makes you smile.

Come As You Are by sex educator Emily Nagoski. Because this New York Times bestseller has been updated with delicious new science designed to deliver transformative sexual experiences and a kick-ass new sex life.

Sex for One: The Joy of Selfloving by sex researcher Betty Dodson, PhD. Because this renowned sex educator proves that sometimes you can't beat a classic especially when it comes to self-love and masturbation. Dodson's Orgasms for Two is the perfect follow up.

PussyPedia by author Zoe Mendelson and founders of PussyPedia.net. Because if you've got a pussy (or know someone who needs a good primer on them), this hilarious and seriously informative encyclopedia of all things pussy-related is the perfect gift. Includes everything from the science-backed basics of anatomy, masturbation, myth-busting and care & feeding to answers to questions you didn't even know you had.

Merry Jane's The CBD Solution. Sex: How Cannabis, CBD, and Other Plant Allies Can Improve Your Everyday Life by pleasure, intimacy and sex coach Ashley Manta. Because you're wondering how CBD can up your bedroom skills and Ashley Manta is the cannasexual who'll guide you with cannabis-spiked sex tips, erotic massage, dirty talk, breath work and more for a yummier sex life.

Curvy Girl Sex by Elle Chase. Because a delicious sex life has no size, sexologist Elle Chase offers size-inclusive, sex-positive sex tips, sex positions, advice, toys and more for your best lust life ever.

Girl Sex 101 by sex educator and author Allison Moon. Because this must-read is the perfect sex-ed book for all genders and sexual identities who want to please the girl in their lives. Includes insights and how to's on everything from strap-on sex, cunnilingus and seduction to coming out, trans women and relationship skills.

Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight by sex experts and bestselling authors Emily Morse and  Jamye Waxman. Because when you want to get your best fuck on, you want to get it on right now, these two sexologists and sex coaches deliver instant and actionable advice, tips and tricks for upping passion and fuckmaking skills starting right now.

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All the F*cking Mistakes by sex educator and author Gigi Engle. Because slut-shaming is sadly still a thing, this anti-shame, sex-positive handbook for living your best sex life is like the big sister/best friend we all want.



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