a sexy playlist for that "romance, but make it a fuck fest" vibe

Hot sex can come in many forms, flavors (moods, locations, partners, lingerie, no lingerie...) and sometimes ridiculously hot can also be deliciously romantic. When you want you heat tempered with romance, check out this curated-just-for-you playlist. It's little bit naughty, a lot lusty with some tease, some dirty talk, loads of anticipation, all of which can make for insanely hot sex with a tinge of the romantic. Think Rihanna, Rico Love, Jamie Foxx, Yelawolf, chynna, Aaron Taylor, VanJess, Mila J, Victoria Monét, Son Little, David Lynch, Jeremih, Tank, Jhené Aikido and more amazing artists who together make these beats complete. Hopefully at the end you're satisfied. 

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When you want dripping hot romance in the form of a sexy playlist, what are your go-to genres, songs. artists?

xxx, Lunatic Femme

that sexy playlist needs sexy lingerie babe

read, listen, get your lap dance on