yummy indulgences that spice up your life

Indulgences don't have to come with a high price tag to do deliciously transformative things to your state of mind. We found fuck-ton of little luxuries worth your time, effort and cash because their promise of a damn good time is virtually guaranteed. Happy playing... 



fucking off

Whether you spend your down time with vinyl and smokes or [insert your sexiest leisure pleasures here], immersing yourself in what makes you feel good is just good “medicine”. 

luxury chocolates

The denser, richer, more decadent, the better. Our current obsession is Honey Mama’s, which are jacked with whole ingredients and superfoods (not preservatives) so they melt into gooey, messy decadence, as you eat them. And sorry, but someone has to lick it off your fingers. 

ouvert panties

Because you don’t wear them for fashion. 

spa shower head

Two words: water pressure. Get you some.

a bodysuit that ties up your lover

Our Champagne Room 33 Lace-Up Bodysuit features extra-long silk ties that detach so you can tickle, tease and tie up your lover(s) before you strip off your lingerie.

fancy fucking condiments

Basically anything that can turn into a sexy charcuterie board in seconds is game. Think jars, tins, cans, pouches of proper mustard, smoked salmon or octopus, pickled vegetables, your fave nuts, dried figs, gourmet nuts [insert tasteless joke here]. 

snooze-button quickies

It’s all in the name. Hit the snooze, grab a quickie, wake up in a sweet-ass mood.  

a plush featherbed

Cruelty-free of course. It makes every night feel like a 5-star hotel escape for that hot vacation sex… but at home.

a hot new book. 

Getting lost in another reality does wonders for your ability to reset, not to mention your health. It helps lower depression, stress, heart rate, cognitive decline and more. Plus, brains are hot. So are sex lit, erotica and sexy coffee table books if the NYT bestseller list isn't your thing.




tea (or coffee) time

For some it’s the meditative ritual of prepping a drink, for others it’s simply having a break in the middle of the day. And if you don’t drink tea or coffee, use those minutes to meditate, breathe, de-stress. Or pop a bottle of champagne (don't judge our meditation substitutes ;)

fresh pastries

 Fuck the calories and hit up that French bakery on your morning walk to score something straight from the oven. Studies show that their scent and rounded shapes give us instant mood-boosting bennies but you probably didn’t need research to tell you that.

that sex workshop

The one that helps you be you, do you, do each other, do every damn thing you desire. Sign up.

a choker that doubles as kink

Our Scorpion collar-necklace features extra-long silk ties perfect for using to leash a loved a one or restrain their arms, wrists, ankles or feet during play time. The ring in front lets you attach charms, tags, tassels or bling if you're feeling extra luxurious.

concert or theatre tickets

Nabbing some tickets to artistic performances can replenish your own creative juices and supercharge your sensual, sexual and erotic flow. 


Remember when you used to eat food on a plate, not in a wrapper or box, not at your desk and not in front of a computer? We don’t either, but it sounds f’ing awesome. Book a date at a restaurant, take time out from your work day, you earned it.  

 red lipstick 

No one needs an excuse to have another stunning shade of just-bitten lip color.

a home bar. 

It doesn't have to rival your fave speakeasy but it does need to be stocked with the spirits and weed (if that's your thing) that you love. You'll turn magic hour into the truly magical experience you deserve.


your own signature spirit. 

Having a bottle of your favorite sipping tequila, rum, whiskey or scotch on hand is reason alone to celebrate, plus the journey to discovering your palate is half the decadence. 




sexy sleep mask

Because you can’t really thrive if you’re sleep-deprived, plus who doesn’t like a little blindfold action? We love the one with built-in headphones so we can meditate and manifest greatness in our sleep.

sleep gummies/edibles

beauty sleep + THC/CBD? See you on the astral plane.

mani/pedi massage

A 5-minute foot rub from someone who doesn’t want one in return? Yes, please. 

breakfast or coffee in bed

Bonus points if you double your pleasure by eating that French toast off your partner’s back.

an extra shot of espresso 

 Make it a double and revel in that holy-fvck-I’m-productive high for as long as that baby lasts. 

 ride-sharing apps 

 So you can drink at dinner, so you can work while you ride, so you can people-watch, so you can touch up your makeup, so you can do absolutely nothing and so you don’t have to fight for parking.

 a blow out  

Getting your hair washed and dried by a stranger while sipping bubbles is a seriously yummy way to blow off 30 minutes.  

grown-ass adult glassware 

Up-level your happy hour with a chic AF vintage set that adds ambience and comes with a good story. If you don't drink, use the pieces for appetizers, ashtrays or whatever the f you want.

What are some of your must-have indulgences that instantly change your mood? 👇💋

xxx, Lunatic Femme

include new luxury lingerie with your indulgences

butt plugs, erotic massage + more kinky indulgences